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Keeping Your Symptoms at Bay
When eleven-year-old Stacy was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, it provided the impetus for radical changes in her life. Once a couch potato and junk food addict, Stacy transformed her eating habits and committed to a rigorous exercise program. Now 70 pounds lighter and feeling great, Stacy no longer has to take medication to keep her blood sugars at a normal level. Though her type 2 diabetes isn't cured, she's managed to keep her symptoms at bay.

Obesity is at epidemic proportions in America with more than 60 percent of the population overweight or obese, and a growing occurrence of type 2 diabetes in young teens is sounding an alarm throughout the medical community.

Why was Stacy's weight loss so important to her future health, and how can type 2 diabetes shape a child's life? What kind of help is available for kids and adults who struggle with weight? What is the outlook and impact of type 2 diabetes on the American health care system?
Home page of New York's only comprehensive team treatment Diabetes Center.

The National Institutes of Health's Diabetes Information Clearing House, offering free-low-cost booklets in English and Spanish.

Extensive diabetes information in English and Spanish, managed and edited by librarians and health care providers.
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