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New Yorkers on War and Peace

Photo of Rich Lowry
Rich Lowry,

Fifteen months after the city was attacked, and as the holiday season approaches, many believe the United States is at the brink of war with Iraq. We talked with eight well-known New Yorkers on both sides of the issue about the possible war and whether their identities, as residents of this city, bear on their views.

Photo of Father Daniel Berrigan
Father Daniel Berrigan
Father Daniel Berrigan is an anti-war activist, author, and icon of the Catholic left. Along with his brother, the late Father Philip Berrigan, he became famous in 1968 for breaking into a federal office in Catonsville, Maryland and burning draft cards with homemade napalm. Berrigan ultimately went to prison for eighteen months as a result. He currently resides on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Photo of Todd Gitlin
Todd Gitlin
Rich Lowry is the editor of THE NATIONAL REVIEW.

Todd Gitlin, who is currently a professor of journalism and sociology at Columbia University, served as the third president of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), a radical student-led organization that played a leading role in opposing the Vietnam War.

Niger Innis is the national spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality (core), a civil rights organization founded in 1942.

Manning Marable is a professor of history and director of the African-American Studies Program at Columbia University.

Margaret O'Brien Steinfels is the retiring editor of COMMONWEAL MAGAZINE, a Catholic opinion journal.

Photo of Rossana Rosado
Rossana Rosado
Reverend George Rutler is the pastor at the Church of Our Savior in Manhattan.

A Bronx native, Rossana Rosado is the publisher and editor-in-chief of EL DIARIO / LA PRENSA.

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Photo of Niger Innis
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Photo of Theresa
Act Up
When New Yorkers talk about a possible war with Iraq, their opinions are as diverse as the city itself. Eric Chen, a 26-year-old student at Columbia University and former army soldier is fighting for a pro-America presence on a campus with a long history of anti-war activism and hostility towards the military. Naomi Gordon, a 15-year-old student at Stuyvesant High School, helped organize a demonstration of her peers to say "no" to a war with Iraq, and works to voice this resistance world-wide.

Healing Totem Pole
Healing Totem

Sharing a legacy of grief.

Photo of Theresa
Eating Out
Margie always knew that her mother, Theresa, who had been ill much of her life, would one day come to live with her. In fact, she and her husband built an extension to their house specifically for the time when Theresa would need more care. Her planning paid off, and thanks to Margie's efforts, Theresa now has a home health care worker 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. The aide has kept Theresa out of the institutions she fears, and close to the family she loves.

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