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Tribute in Light

On September 11, the city will once again display the blue beams of light from the World Trade Center site, which for 32 consecutive days last year lifted the spirits of New Yorkers still numbed by the altered skyline. What many New Yorkers don't know is the story behind those lights.

The designers

A half-hour documentary, TRIBUTE takes viewers from an inspired artistic image on a computer screen created within hours of the attacks to the final moments building up to the flick of the switch. A Tribute in Light was envisioned simultaneously by three different design groups and realized with the help of two non-profit arts organizations and hundreds of committed citizens. It was a unique collaboration motivated by a collective hope that light--just light--could inspire a fragile public and help begin to heal the city.

TRIBUTE is the work of independent producers Therese Cafaro and Jayson Haedrich of Common Ground Productions.

Contact Information:

Jayson Haedrich
p: 646-872-3847; email:

Therese Cafaro

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Rendering of Manhattan Skyline
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