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Featured Voice: Michael Imperioli

Photo of Christopher Moltisanti studio
As most of us know, Christopher Moltisanti is a drug addicted thief, murderer and sociopath who set up his girlfriend for a whacking and punched out Lauren Bacall. Michael Imperioli, on the other hand, is a thoughtful and soft-spoken man with a dislike for violence on the screen. As a New York actor, he is part of the tradition established by Brando, Cassavetes, Dinero and Pacino. Rafael Pi Roman speaks with Imperioli about the Sopranos, acting, and living in New York, among other things, at Studio Dante, his small theater in Chelsea.

Photo of Christopher Moltisanti play

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Michael Imperioli: Rafael Pi Roman sits down with the actor to talk about his Chelsea theater company, his career in New York, and his role as Christopher on HBO's The Sopranos. View this story
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