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Green New York

Photo of Hearst Building
In the past year, climate-related disasters like Hurricane Katrina and Vice President Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth” highlighted threats to the global environment.

In September 2006, Mayor Bloomberg created the Office of Long-Term Planning
and Sustainability
to confront the city’s many environmental challenges. One thing it will focus on is "green buildings," which are environmentally-friendly structures built to use fewer resources, be more energy-efficient, and make less of an impact on the environment. A new city law to take effect January 2007 will require that most new municipal buildings and some publicly-funded private buildings be built green.

NEW YORK VOICES visits three properties that have "gone green": The new corporate headquarters of the Hearst Corporation; a green roof in the South Bronx; and the former ice house of the Nassau Brewery, which has been converted into environmentally-friendly apartments.

Photo of Hearst Building Host Rafael Pi Roman interviews Architect Ken Kaplan, who is part of the Urban Design Lab at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. Kaplan is part of the team that will be working with the
City on sustainability issues.

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Green Building:
New York Voices visits three properties that have "gone green."

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Photo of Ken Kaplan

Interview: A Columbia University architect discusses green building's potential impact on the City’s environmental problems.

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