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David Paterson

Host Rafael Pi Roman sits down for an extended interview with David Paterson, who in January 2007 became New York’s first African American to be elected lieutenant governor of New York State.

Paterson was first elected to the state senate in 1984 and rose to become the Democratic majority leader in 2002. Two years later, he became the first visually impaired person to address a Democratic National Convention. A graduate of Columbia University and Hofstra University Law School, he currently serves as an adjunct professor at Columbia’s School for International and Public Affairs.

Paterson lives in Harlem with his wife, Michelle, and their two children, Ashley and Alex. He is the son of Basil Paterson, New York’s first non-white secretary of state and the first African-American vice-chair of the National Democratic Party.

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David Paterson: Rafael Pi Roman interviews David Paterson. New York’s first African American lieutenant governor.

David Paterson
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