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The Battle over Columbia's New Campus

The Battle over Columbia's New Campus
Back in 1968, Columbia's attempt to expand ignited street riots and a now legendary student takeover of the University. Today Columbia wants to build a brand new 17-acre campus north of its home in Morningside Heights. Many local residents say the plan will destroy the neighborhood's character and some businesses owners are refusing to sell despite the threat of eminent domain.

The Battle over Columbia's New Campus
Is this 1968 revisited or is it an inspired transformation of the area that's bound to bring great benefits to the community, the city, and the public at large?

Original Airdate: 11/6/07

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The Plan and the Controversy: A look at Columbia's proposed 17-acre campus.

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View this storyThe Opposition: Rafael Pi Roman interviews Jordi Reyes-Montblanc of Community Board Nine, which voted 32-2 against Columbia's plan.

Columbia's Response: Rafael Pi Roman interviews Columbia President Lee Bollinger. View this story
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