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election 2002
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Photo of New York residents

Would you support the use of increased tax dollars for the rebuilding of lower New York City?

The terror attacks have had a big impact on New York State. The state figures to lose $22 billion in income by the end of 2003, according to a report prepared for the state Senate. New York City is, of course, the hardest hit. Unemployment has risen in the city to 7.7 percent about a year after the attacks. That's well above the national average.

For more information see reports on the economic impact of 9/11 by the New York State Senate, The Daily News, the Milken Institute, and the Gotham Gazette.

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the candidates respond
"It should be a vibrant 24 hour community on top of a transportation hub... I would speed up [the process]." Photo of Tom Golisano
Tom Golisano (I)

"We need to create a lasting memorial... at the same time we should do economic development." Photo of Carl McCall
H. Carl McCall (D)

"Commercial and economic considerations have to take a back step to having an appropriate memorial. Beyond that there is so much that we are doing and will continue to do."
Photo of Tom Golisano
George Pataki (R)

the experts respond
"We spend a lot of time talking about design and architecture... but fundamentally the future of Lower Manhattan will be determined by its transportation connection." Photo of Fred Siegel
Fred Siegel
Historian and Political Analyst

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