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election 2002
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Photo of New York residents

Do you think the next Governor should raise the minimum wage?

The General Industry Minimum Wage Act provided that all employees in the state must be paid at least $5.15 per hour. That rate became effective on March 31, 2000. More recently, there have been numerous bills introduced into the state legislature that would again push up the minimum wage. So far no legislation has been enacted.

Read fact sheets on the minimum wage put out by the New York State Department of Labor and the AFL-CIO , or arguments against an increase from the New York State Health Care Providers, Inc. and the New York State Business Council.

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the candidates respond
"You can't create wealth just by saying you want to create it. You have to have more productivity, more people working." Photo of Tom Golisano
Tom Golisano (I)

"There's no evidence that in any state where they've increased the minimum wage... that it has driven business away... It gives us a better paid, better motivated work force." Photo of Carl McCall
H. Carl McCall (D)

the experts respond
"The minimum wage is one of those issues that arouses enormous emotion, but has relatively little impact. Wage rates are essentially set by demand." Photo of Fred Siegel
Fred Siegel
Historian and Political Analyst

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