December 7: Tonight on MetroFocusepisode
December 08, 2016 at 6:28 am

Time magazine picks Donald Trump as its Person of the Year. But is it a win or a wash for our new commander in chief, as the magazine calls him the “President of the ‘Divided States of America?’” Time joins us to discuss. Food pantries in Brooklyn and Staten Island are going bare, leaving those in need hungry for the […]

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November 30: Trump vs. The Media & Flag Burning. Manhattan’s Micro Apartments. Harlem’s Changing Mosaicepisode
December 01, 2016 at 5:53 am

Tonight, the Trump team chose Twitter as their go-to outlet during the campaign, discrediting traditional media sources along the way. Now that Donald Trump has been elected president, how will the media adapt to cover the Trump administration? New York Post film critic and op-ed columnist, Kyle Smith discusses Trump’s unconventional relationship with the media and whether their coverage has been biased.

Next, who says bigger is always better? In the world of micro apartments, tiny could be the future of New York City living. New York Times Real Estate Editor Vivian S. Toy gives us a tour of the micro world some New Yorkers call home.

Finally, “G” is for gentrification, a buzz-word in many New York City neighborhoods. Student journalist Pamela Puello’s new film documents how rising prices and new construction drives many locals from their Harlem homes. Ellen Baxter, executive director of Broadway Housing Communities, helped shepherd a low-income housing complex called the Sugar Hill Project, featured in Puello’s film, which acts as an affordable option in the fight against gentrification. We hit the streets for a look at the changing neighborhood and what it means for the people living there.

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