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April 9, 2014 12:30 PM | Updated: April 23, 2014 12:00PM

The Debate Over Common Core Education Standards and Testing

Testing season is upon us, and the Common Core State Standards are once again stirring controversy.

Clara Hemphill, founding editor of Insideschools.org, and José Vilson, a math teacher at Inwood Intermediate School 52, discussed the Common Core with MetroFocus host Rafael Pi Roman on last week’s episode. Watch the segment here.

Last week, New York State Commissioner of Education John King took on the criticism and explained why he continues to believe that Common Core will make better students and teachers. Watch his interview here.

This week in part two of our interview with John King, the New York State Education Commissioner talks about public education issues beyond Common Core, Race to the Top and the state’s role in expanding universal pre-k in New York City.  Watch his interview here and add your comments below.

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  • PS321parent

    Please read this excellent article written by Ms. Phillips principle of PS321 http://mobile.nytimes.com/2014/04/10/opinion/the-problem-with-the-common-core.html?ref=contributors&_r=1&referrer=

  • Ollie

    I understand what Commissioner King is saying and it sounds good and right until you come face to face with your third grade class and realize that you need to be part of bringing them up to those standards. Many of the students are not ready to meet that challenge. Many students do not have the foundational skills necessary to engage at the level necessary to meet these expectations. In addition, much of the material does not allow us as educators to engage students at this level. I am all for challenging standards however I wonder if these are developmentally appropriate for my students.

  • Barbara DiFiore

    It is no surprise that the common core curriculum was rolled out at the same time as the new APPR teacher evaluation system. The latter is used as a “big stick” to beat teachers into implementing this instruction for fear of a poor evaluation which could result in expedited 3020A…the loss of a teacher’s job. Cuomo demanded that all NY state school districts have this APPR in place January 2013 or they would forfeit state funding. As the CCC has became more unpopular, Cuomo has tried to distance himself declaring that the governor does not create educational policy. Oh really?

    Big business is driving the privatization of American public education, a precious democratic resource, to further line its pockets.
    Follow the money!

  • J5

    I’m a teacher and parent but I am most outraged as a taxpayer. The common core is a mixed bag of instructional shifts but only Math and English were fully developed for the rollout, leaving most teachers to a haphazard system of adaptation that principals couldn’t explain. Yet this September, teachers found their evaluations were indeed tied to test scores in Math or ELA regardless of what they teach. Students are bewildered by the sudden change, making obvious that this should have been phased in, not dumped on kids in every grade.
    I hope readers recognize King and Cuomo’s selective hearing and lame spin. The backlash now will be even bigger, it’s been sustained and growing ever since taxpayers learned about this albatross, diverting millions from our school budgets for nothing. They don’t even count for kids.

  • cnygal

    Poor quality material in lessons, units and moduals, content lacks literary focus, grammatically incorrect with misleading texts and boring repetitive activities. A few texts are good, but the activities are the type that would get me a low rating and make the kids fall asleep…after I create my own activity…then they are ready to go, practical and effective! TIME WASTERS!

  • Dr. Rudy Magnan

    The implementation of the Common Core was and is flawed because those
    who organized failed to consider the critical skill training the students and teachers needed in order to perform the complex exercises which require higher level
    cognitive functioning. The program was and will be a failure until they devote time i
    set aside for training their students in becoming skilled in thinking and perception.
    I am a researcher and consultant in cognitive psychology and have already created a successful teacher training program based on my recent book “Discover Design Pattern Thinking”
    I think John King should announce an ‘Official Recall on Common Core so as
    to fix what does not work for our students, teachers,and parents. I was not
    convinced that he is capable of articulating a convincing argument for this flawed program. I do not think he and his cohorts know how to remedy the situation.
    But this is not surprising when we allow government officials to get involved
    in improving instruction. Their intentions were good but their design and delivery of this New” Edsel” Model for improving instruction was based on an assumption that should have been challenged before the start of the program.
    Dr. Rudy Magnan
    view more on facebook.com/R.MagnanConsultinginc or
    on http://www.mindsightsystems.com

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