Preview Mar. 27: MTA Photographer, Upstate Commuting, Parents & Science

March 21, 2014 11:01 AMvideo

On the next edition of MetroFocus, Patrick Cashin, a photographer for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, gives us an inside look at the MTA’s massive Second Avenue Subway and a bird’s eye view from its bridges. In 2009, he began going underground to track the progress of the Second Avenue Subway, a multi-billion dollar engineering and construction project that will run from 125th street to the Financial District when complete.

Above ground, it’s hard to notice any progress being made with all the blasting, dust and construction. But Cashin gets to see it in a way most of us will never witness. “It just blows you away because it’s just so big and so huge,” Cashin told reporter and anchor Jack Ford of the enormous, underground 72nd Street cavern. “Now it’s starting to look like a station. Before it was just all rock and mud and dirt, but now they’ve got the walls up, they’ve got the ceiling up, so it’s beginning to look like a train station.”

If you thought your morning commute was bad, try traveling a two-lane road in far upstate New York near the Canadian border. It stretches 150 miles east to west across the northern part of the state and can take more than three hours to navigate. Albany Public TV’s Matt Ryan examines the pros and cons of turning the small road into a four-lane “rooftop highway.”

Where can you find dozens of parents in a room with Nobel prize-winning scientists? At The Rockefeller University’s one-of-a-kind Parents and Science initiative. Launched in 2007, the initiative helps parents learn more about research in childhood health and behavior by meeting face-to-face with Rockefeller scientists.

Parents & Science faculty advisor Bruce McEwen tells MetroFocus host Rafael Pi Roman, “I think Rockefeller feels that it needs to communicate what it does, not only so that people recognize and will support its mission, but also because it has an obligation to tell the public and participate in educating the public in a time when science is perhaps suffering somewhat from public scrutiny in terms of funding.”

And NJTV’s Maddie Orton takes us to the Digital Atelier in Mercerville, N.J. where art meets technology. Instead of hand tools and chisels, sculptors and engineers at the Digital Atelier create large-scale models through computer-operated machinery and lasers. Digital Atelier 3D engineer John Rannou can’t wait to see where the technology takes them next. “Someday people are just going to think about it and a little printer in the background is just going to print it out for them.”

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