Merck Decides to Close Summit, NJ Facility

| October 9, 2013 3:48 PMvideo

Merck’s decision to close its Summit facility is a tough pill for this community to swallow, especially since the pharmaceutical giant had previously announced plans to move its global headquarters to Summit.

“Oct. 14 we were gonna have a Planning Board meeting to finalize their new campus for their corporate global headquarters. So obviously that meeting won’t be taking place. But that’s how surprised we were. We really thought that they were here for the duration,” said Summit Mayor Ellen Dickson.

Summit isn’t the only community feeling the pain. Merck also plans to close its current global headquarters in Whitehouse Station and move it to an existing facility in Kenilworth.

The reason? Cost savings, according to Merck officials. And much of that cost savings will be achieved by reducing the company’s global workforce by 20 percent — some 81,000 employees. It’s not clear how many New Jersey jobs will be impacted, but it will impact local merchants when Merck closes its Summit campus in 2015.

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  • Cascokid

    81,000 employees is not 20 percent of the Merck world-wide work force, as suggested by the punctuation above. The 81,000 figure is either before the reduction in force or after it. Please clarify.

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