Full Episode Oct. 31: Hospitals Rebuild After Sandy, NY Ballot, David Dinkins

October 30, 2013 at 3:33 pm

This edition of MetroFocus features continued reporting on the recovery after Superstorm Sandy. Reporter Rick Karr looks back at the night of the storm at Coney Island Hospital and updates the progress New York hospitals are making in preparing for future storms. Karr talks to Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Dr. Sheri Fink whose new book “Five Days at Memorial: Life and Death in a Storm-Ravaged Hospital” analyzes the lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina.  Fink says, “I think there are still some big questions about where people would go from one facility to another if a large amount have to evacuate at the same time and that’s the problem that we had with the last two storms.”

NJ Today reporter Lauren Wanko takes us to Bradley Beach where volunteers have come up with a novel solution to protect them from storms: a first of its kind maritime forest. The trees planted behind the town’s sand dunes may be a powerful second line of defense.

The November 5 general election attention is on the Mayor’s race in New York City, but did you know there are six complex ballot measures facing New York state voters?  In a continuing series, New York Now’s Matt Ryan sorts through Proposition Four, a constitutional amendment that would clear up a more than a century-old argument of property rights on the shore of Raquette Lake in the Adirondacks. Host Rafael Pi Roman follows up with an in-studio discussion with Eleanor Randolph, editorial board member of The New York Times and author of The Times’ “Fixing Albany” series.

The New York mayoral candidates have chosen past mayors as a topic for debate throughout their campaigns. Former Mayor David Dinkins has his say in his new book “A Mayor’s Life: Governing New York’s Gorgeous Mosaic” and in an interview with Pi Roman.  Dinkins takes on attacks on his record from Republican candidate Joe Lhota, telling Pi Roman, “…  among other things he (Lhota) said was that I deserved credit for the reduction of crime through our Safe Streets, Safe City program. Now he has since made comments that are different from that but I suppose he’s a candidate and he’s going to say what he thinks he needs to say in order to achieve success.”

And from The Star-Ledger/NJ.Com, the story of a cheerleading squad that will inspire you. Video journalist Andre Malok introduces us to the Contender Cheer team, ten special needs teenagers who make Hunterdon Huskies football in High Bridge, NJ about much more than touchdowns.


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