Report About NYC’s Libraries Sparks New Proposal from Speaker Quinn

April 05, 2013 at 10:56 am

Center for an Urban FutureIn April 2013, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn announced a new proposal to harness the incredible power of New York City’s branch libraries. The proposal was sparked by our January 2013 Branches of Opportunity report about the increasingly important role that the city’s public libraries are playing in communities around the five boroughs. At the press conference to announce the initiative, Speaker Quinn noted that our report was “the foundation for this whole idea.”

The Center for an Urban Future’s report, which was funded by the Charles H. Revson Foundation, documented that the city’s public libraries are serving a record number of New Yorkers, even in an age of e-books, and have become the go-to place for so many New Yorkers who lack the basic literacy, language and technological skills that are needed in today’s knowledge economy. It argued that no other institution reaches as many people in as many ways as libraries, from  immigrants and seniors to teens.


Read more on the Center for an Urban Future website, and watch our segment with the Center for an Urban Future’s Research Director, David Giles, on the future of New York City’s public libraries.