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March 20, 2013 4:48 PMvideo

MetroFocus reports on the debate over raising the minimum wage. Rick Karr follows one Bronx woman living on a low wage. Rafael Pi Roman interviews Stephanie Luce, Associate Professor of Labor Studies at CUNY. To begin our Five Borough Ballot reporting project on the mayoral election, editors Jarrett Murphy of City Limits and Morgan Pehme of City & State join Pi Roman to discuss the surprising concerns of people at five unique locations we’ll be revisiting in coming months. NJ Today’s Desiree Taylor covers a wave of New Jersey students spending their spring break helping shore up homes and residents’ spirits after Sandy, while two Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism students track Sandy’s impact on avian wildlife. Finally, The New York Times’ Poh Si Teng takes us to a tiny monastery in upstate New York where some increasingly famous cheesecake is sustaining a dwindling order of nuns.

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Hurricane Sandy pancaked homes and toppled trees as it spiraled up the East Coast, but it also brought something that only eager New York City birdwatchers were anticipating.
What do the residents of the five boroughs actually think about the elections that will determine who governs them for the next four years?
Should we raise the minimum wage? Rick Karr asks Linda Archer, a low-wage worker, and Heather Briccetti of the Business Council of New York State. Rafael Pi Roman sits down with Stephanie Luce Associate Professor of Labor Studies at the Joseph S. Murphy Institute for Worker Education.
Spring Break at the Jersey Shore? That’s not where most college students go for sun and fun during their winter break from school.
Monks are known to make beer to support their order. The nuns of New Skete, in upstate New York, bake cheesecake.
  • Jenny

    I had worked for several different Asian companies and they all have in common one thing, they pay their employees the minimum wage or very closed to minimum wage even when is office work.

    In one company that I worked the owners and their relatives used to get pay each around $3000.00 /.Wk. sometimes more while, the employees from the office were only getting pay $ 9- $12:00/hr the most.

    at this time I’m currently working at another Asian company they also pay $9.00-$12.00 for office positions. but each owner gets pay around $1,500 wkly and their relatives get pay a salaries of $50.00 an hr. and this is just their pay check has nothing to do with any expenses or investment of the company. this is just what they bring home every week. How can someone not get rich like that?

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