Housing Court Crisis Demands Action

March 29, 2013 at 10:28 am

The Bronx Housing Court is in desperate need of reform. Close to two thousand Bronx tenants are brought to the Bronx Housing Court every day by their landlords. In 2012, 11,000 families were evicted—their lives were uprooted as their children changed schools, their jobs were put at risk and hard-earned belongings were lost. Evicted tenants are future shelter residents: 44 percent go into the city’s overburdened shelter system.

To determine what is happening in the Housing Court and why there are so many evictions, New Settlement Apartments’ Community Action for Safe Apartments (CASA) launched a research project in partnership with the Community Development Project (CDP) at the Urban Justice Center, collecting 1,055 surveys, conducting 15 judge observations and holding three focus groups with 25 participants.

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