The Poorest City in the Nation is Camden, NJ

| September 21, 2012 7:21 PM

Camden, N.J.,  is the poorest city in the nation. According to figures from the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 32,000 Camden residents live below the poverty line. For a family of four, the poverty line is an annual household income of about $22,000. In an expensive state like New Jersey, that’s not enough money, says longtime resident Wendy Corona.

“You have rents that are $900 or $1,000 per month in poor neighborhoods,” she said. “And you have to count your blessings because you don’t know if you’ll get shot.”


NJ Today reporter Desirée Taylor speaks about jobs and safety with residents of Camden, N.J., which was named the country’s poorest city, according to figures from the U.S. Census Bureau.

One reason for the high poverty rate is the lack of jobs. The state unemployment rate has risen to 9.9 percent. But it pales in comparison to Camden’s jobless rate, which is about 19 percent. Without jobs, residents say some people turn to crime to survive.

“Frankly, Camden is usually considered the most dangerous,” said Karen Talarico, executive director of the Cathedral Kitchen. “We have the poorest and most dangerous, that’s a double whammy. And for people living here it’s hard.”

But Talarico says her organization, Cathedral Kitchen, is there to help. It has a soup kitchen which feeds hundreds of people in need each day. And Cathedral Kitchen provides other services, from free dental exams to job training.

  • John

    Yet the dummies keep voting in Norcross cuz he’s a Democrat

    City officials do what Norcross tells them while they steal the money

  • John

    NJ is a corrupt horrible place.

  • Migdalia mendez

    Camden is the way it is becuse of poverty the state can do something about it just like the state helps any other place in need , we are not all bad people we are just poor. and if we had the help that we need , we would not be where we are today, that I can say for certain, I lived in camden nj all my life and I have seen and been threw the worst but that does not mean that all people who live here are bad, nor dose it mean that we are all corrupted, maybe we have some corruppted state officials turning a blind eye to whats real and some of the residents making bad desicons to make ends meat , not to seem like I’m making any excuses for anyone but If there were more places for our children to be safe, and more people to speak up for us , it would make a world of a change for our kids. And our community stop pointing fingers at the obvious and HELP.

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