After a Pause, New Jersey Greenlights Red-Light Cameras

| July 26, 2012 4:00 AM video

On New Jersey 101.5, Governor Chris Christie announced that all of New Jersey’s red light cameras have been certified.

The go-ahead to fire up red light cameras once again means that towns will likely resume ticketing red-light violations recorded by the devices, which are found throughout the state. NJ Today Managing Editor Mike Schneider caught up with Cathleen Lewis, director of public affairs and government relations for AAA New Jersey, to find out what will happen now with the controversial program.


NJ Today Managing Editor Mike Schneider (@SchneiderNJTV) spoke yesterday with Cathleen Lewis, director of public affairs and government relations for AAA New Jersey, to find out what will happen now that all of New Jersey’s red-light cameras have been certified. Video courtesy of NJ Today.

The re-certification process was sparked by public complaints and court action alleging that the cameras were being used for profit, and that some communities had shortened the duration of yellow lights to try and catch motorists unaware. Lewis says she and AAA were heartened to see the state make the effort to undergo a re-certification process to ensure that cameras were being used properly.

“We’re encouraged by that and we’re going to continue to make sure that all of these cameras are used for safety purposes and not to line pockets of government,” she said.

Lewis hopes the state continues to review the red-light program periodically as it is required to do under the law.

“The law when it was passed required that certification every six months, so we hope that’s what’s going to occur,” she added.

According to Lewis, when the red-light program was being created, AAA only jumped on board as a last resort.

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  • Danny George

     Can I just interject with something.  There is a cause spreading on Facebook and youstand about NJ police and courts cashing in on red light cameras and tickets –

    New Jersey Residents have had it.  New Jersey is literally the worst state for profiting on safety according to many studies including

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