Regulation of Prescription Drugs Could Spell Trouble for Patients

| June 15, 2012 4:00 AM

Prescriptions for oxycodone, the active ingredient in OxyContin, rose 82 percent in New York State between 2007 to 2010. A new bill that just passed the legislature aims to curb the problem of abuse, but many in the medical community say it could negatively impact the people these drugs are intended for. AP/Toby Talbot

On June 11, the New York State Legislature passed the I-Stop bill. The legislation, expected to be signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, will require the creation of a new electronic prescription database. Physicians and pharmacists who write and fill prescriptions for Schedule II, III, IV and V drugs must enter the prescriptions into the database immediately. Currently, there is an electronic database for prescriptions, but doctors and pharmacists have a 45-day window for entering prescriptions, and doctors complain that the system functions slowly.

The bill will also place stiff fines on doctors who fail to immediately report prescriptions: $500 for first-time offenders and up to thousands for repeated offenses. The bill’s central aim is to keep powerful opioid and anti-anxiety prescription drugs, particularly oxycodone — the active ingredient in the opioid painkiller OxyContin — out of the hands of addicts and drug dealers.

When abused, oxycodone can produce a high similar to heroin, but for patients in severe pain, especially chronic pain, oxycodone simply provides relief rather than any high.

A concern of physicians, pharmacists, pain patients and medical organizations now is that the new system is being set up hastily and without enough input from the medical community. The result, they say, will be an overburdened system in which patients in serious pain have difficulty accessing their medications, since many doctors will likely stop prescribing powerful prescription drugs to avoid facing fines. Many also fear the new regulations will have negative unintended consequences, like an increase in heroin use and production.

A Growing Epidemic and an Experimental Regulation

The I-Stop bill has two central components. The first is the requirement that within a year from it becoming law, all narcotic prescriptions must be put into the system in real-time. The second mandate is that by the end of 2014, a new electronic prescription system must be in place, nullifying the need for the paper prescription pads that can be stolen. It’s new regulatory terrain because no other state has both of these requirements.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has said the I-Stop bill will prevent “doctor shopping,” when addicts and drug dealers receive multiple prescriptions from different doctors in a short period of time, get prescriptions they don’t need through unsavory doctors or in some cases forge prescriptions with stolen prescription pads.

The main drug being eyed is oxycodone, prescriptions for which rose 82 percent in New York state between 2007 and 2010.

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has been calling for an electronic prescription database to prevent doctor shopping for nearly two years. As soon as Gov. Andrew Cuomo signs off on a bill, which he's expected to, the I-Stop system will be implemented within a year. AP Photo

In that time period, the amount of prescriptions written for oxycodone in New York City doubled. Per capita, that’s enough prescriptions for one in eight New Yorkers. On Staten Island, where the most prescriptions were filled, on a per capita basis, it’s as if 28 percent of the borough’s population are taking the painkiller; make that 33 percent on painkillers if you add prescriptions for hydrocodone — the active ingredient in drugs like Vicodin and Lortab — according to the city’s special narcotics officer, Bridget Brennan.

Between the increase in the number of addicts being treated for addiction to these pills, a spike in overdoses, major pill busts in recent years and a deadly pharmacy robbery on Long Island, regulators say it’s clear that too many people who don’t need these medications are gaining access to them in large quantities, and often selling them on the street.

The Dilemma for Doctors

“Part of the bill incorporates an electronic medical record, and we’re trying to get all physicians on board with electronic prescribing because there’s less chance of a script getting changes between physician and pharmacy,” said Dr. Neil Nepola, a family physician with a practice on Staten Island, and president of the New York State Academy of Family Physicians.

Nepola, like many doctors who prescribe pain medication, thinks mandating the e-prescription database is a good thing, but that doing it, especially with the real-time requirement, before the technology is perfected by December, 2014, poses serious problems.

“The problem with the system is that it puts a burden on physicians to enter prescriptions into the registry. It takes anywhere from three to 10 minutes for each patient, so when you’re evaluating and treating a lot of patients that’s a lot of time lost,” said Nepola.

According to Nepola, the Attorney General’s office already has a good idea of who the regular “doctor shoppers” are, but law enforcement hasn’t done enough to crack down on those people.  Instead, the obligation to act as enforcers is being put on the doctors.

I’m anticipating that as this law gets rolled out there will be a great deal of distress stories, and many stories about patients who can’t get access to medicine.
—Dr. Russell Portenoy

“That’s a problem because it puts a barrier between patient doctor relationship. If I’m concerned you’re abusing a prescription and I’m trying to wean you off of it, then I’m being scrutinized,” said Nepola.

The result, he adamantly believes, is that a huge number of primary care physicians who might only fill between 10-20 prescriptions a day, will simply stop prescribing them. Not only will they stop prescribing oxycodone, they’ll stop prescribing hydrocodone, which the I-Stop bill will change to a Schedule II drug. This means patients will have to get a new prescription every time they run out, instead of getting automatic refills for a set period of time.

Instead of getting their medicine from their primary care physicians, Nepola believes, doctors will send pain patients to specialized pain management clinics, which might fill hundreds of prescriptions per day, the possible result being huge wait times for patients seeking relief from pain.

A Looming Shortage and Rise in Pain

Dr. Russell Portenoy is the chairman of pain management and palliative care at Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan, which hosts a pain management clinic.

“What we’ve been trying to do for the past 25 years is talk about balance that says regulators and law enforcement people do need to address the problem of prescription drug abuse and diversion, but anything that’s done needs to address that these are crucial medications for legitimate pain patients,” said Portenoy.

He added, “The problem is course is that this legislation didn’t take into account input from the medical community that warns that it is too broadly written and too burdensome and falls into the kinds of regulation that historically have lead to a sharp reduction in prescribing, and that is going to lead to collateral damage. I’m anticipating that as this law gets rolled out there will be a great deal of distress stories, and many stories about patients who can’t get access to medicine.”

To give you an idea of how bad it already is for pain patients, in recent years many New York City pharmacies have stopped carrying OxyContin altogether, because they fear robberies and the hassle of addicts trying to get forged scripts filled.

Assemblyman Michael Cusick (D-Staten Island) who co-authored the I-Stop bill with State Senator Andrew Lanza (R-Staten Island) says they did work with the medical community, and that the potential problems are overblown.

“I’ve had a number of roundtables in my district, and I traveled down to Suffolk County and Eerie County and had roundtables there that included doctors, pharmacists and law enforcement — everyone affected. We tried to address everyone we could. The majority of pharmacists I have spoken to, particularly down in Staten Island, welcome this,” said Cusick. He added that the real-time requirement doesn’t mandate doctors to enter prescriptions into the database the very second they write them, but within a reasonable time, or a few hours.

Portenoy’s own department will be exempt from the I-Stop requirements because it also offers a hospice program for patients. But he and Nepola are both very concerned that I-Stop is not addressing the problems, and they’re very worried about the consequences for their industry. As part of a consortium of medical organizations, teamed up with the Medical Society of the State of New York, they helped draft a series of recommended improvements to the regulations.

Besides the issue of the real-time requirement being implemented before the e-prescribing database is perfected, Portenoy sees a number of additional problems:

  • I-Stop doesn’t take into account the relationship between doctor and patient, the type of medication being prescribed or the patient’s history. For instance, a primary care physician who has known a patient for 25 years is subject to the same regulations as a pain clinic physician who is seeing a patient for the first time. Someone with a back injury being prescribed a single bottle of hydrocodone is treated the same as a cancer patient who needs regular doses of oxycodone.
  • The bill calls for increased education for doctors, but Portenoy thinks the education requirement is ill-defined. The consequence, he said, is that primary care physicians might not have a good idea how to check for the warning signs of addiction, which pain clinic specialists are likely to have more expertise in. On a related note, the bill doesn’t have any requirements for determining a patient’s risk of addiction, like their history of drug and alcohol abuse and family background.
  • The bill only mandates physicians and pharmacists in New York State to check the electronic database for their patients’ prescription histories within the state. According to Portenoy, someone could easily still doctor shop by going to pharmacies in neighboring states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Who’s an Addict?

“Our pain practice sees thousands of patients and most of those patients are characterized by chronic pain, and among those patients referred to a pain specialist group, the risk of abuse is very high. It could be as high as 30 or 40 percent. That’s different from addiction,” said Portenoy.

“Addiction is a genetically determined medical disorder that’s distinct from, but related to abuse, and it’s different from tolerance and withdrawal. How many patients are addicts? That is relatively low. How many patients are engaging in drug abuse? How many are using alcohol or marijuana, or doctor shopping? It’s relatively high,” Portenoy said.

The distinctions are significant. Tabloid stories of celebrity prescription addicts suggest that most addicts started off as patients but simply lost control.

However, a 2008 study by the Miami School of Medicine found that 96 percent of people who were prescribed opioid medications did not become addicted to them.

Another study of 28,000 people conducted by the Treatment Research Institute in Pennsylvania found that 78 percent of people in rehab for prescription drug addiction had never been prescribed their drug of choice, and instead began buying them off the street.

And perhaps the most powerful testament to why pain patients need protections from over-regulation came from an ECRI Institute study, which found that only 0.27 percent of 5,000 patients prescribed opioid medications ever became addicted.

It seems clear that the crux of the problem lies in doctor shopping, and with people, mostly teens, who steal pills from their relatives’ medicine cabinets, not with patients who become addicted. As Portenoy explained, the fact that the e-prescription system isn’t required to link up to prescription systems in others states means there are some serious loopholes to preventing both of those problems.

What Are the Solutions?

In addition to the aforementioned issues and related solutions — improving education for doctors, improving the digital prescription database before instituting real-time prescription mandates, linking the system to other states, getting law enforcement officials to crackdown on doctor shoppers — Portenoy said the state needs to commit more seriously to the personalized nature of pain and addiction.

“The bottom line is that pain specialists now nationally endorse a concept called universal precautions, which means every patient being considered for chronic therapy needs to undergo an evaluation of risks looking for the potential abuse and addiction, and every patient’s treatment should be individualized,” he said.

Like the Hydra, New Problems with Effective Regulation

Suzanne Klier, a 35 year-old woman from Germany, with an 11-year heroin addiction, sits in one of the city-funded drug centers in Amsterdam where she can inject. The Netherlands has programs for opiate addicts to inject in sanitary conditions, and treatment centers where they can be weaned off of their drugs rather than treated cold turkey or with methadone. AP/ Serge Ligtenberg

As MSNBC reported, when smaller towns have successfully cracked down on prescription opiate abuse, in many cases they’ve seen a very sudden increase in heroin overdoses from addicts who couldn’t get their pills, but found an easy substitute for their high.

Heroin is far cheaper than OxyContin. Whereas an 80 mg oxycontin pill generally runs between $60-80 on the street in New York City, a glassine stamp bag of heroin that delivers a similar high costs $10-20, depending on the quality. And it’s the wildly variant quality of street drugs that contributes to a boom in overdoses.

It seems like a no-win situation. Rehab is expensive, and methadone treatment has highly mixed results. However, a more radical form of treatment that involves work between doctors and addicts, rather than law enforcement officials and the criminal justice system, might be the most effective tool in reducing the problem.

A study released last May by the Canadian Medical Association found that opiate addicts who were slowly weaned off of their drugs of choice by a doctor were 40 percent less likely to abandon treatment than those being treated with methadone. While that method of treatment has long been used in Switzerland and the Netherlands, it’s not likely to be accepted anytime soon in the United States, where the war on drugs has cost $1 trillion over the past 40 years, according to the Associated Press.

  • Wendy Mcclelland
  • patient in pain searches

    Doctors in the pain land are told to try and make patients as
    comfortable as possible i.e. less pain = more medication. Pharmacies are already
    reluctant to carry schedule 2 meds, wont tell patients by phone if they have
    narcotics in stock so the patient needs to go to pharmacy. General practitioner
    physicians wont write scrip’s, as they rightly fear arrest. They tell you to
    call pain management clinics. When you call the pain management specialist and
    ask if they write prescriptions you are told they only do procedures and no
    longer prescribe.


    Result: patient in pain has to physically go pain management
    clinics who said they do not prescribe and “prove” they need pain meds. This
    same patient in pain then goes to one pharmacy after another with a prescription
    to see if they have the medication on hand because they will not tell you by
    phone if they have stock of narcotics. They wont even tell your doctor even if
    they have “worked” with them for years. Three pharmacies reluctantly tell you
    they don’t have the medication prescribed or they don’t carry narcotics because
    of the problems. One of the chain stores may tell you, if you persist, what
    they have in stock so you can then go back to the pain management doctor to
    tailor the prescription to what the pharmacy has in stock, if you are lucky.


    • Truepain

         I am in my early 30′s.I have never used illegal drugs,I don’t drink,I don’t even take anything with caffiene in it. Prior to getting sick I owned my own company drove an $80,000 car,owned a $500,000 farm with 2 houses on it,had 250,000 in the bank and was a highly successful,highly motivated person who was set to do big things in the world. Now I live in an apartment with my parents,have no money,can’t drive(Drs orders),etc.
        I have had 7 back operations. The L3/4 through L4/5 section of my back has been fused together since I was 20 and 3 of my disks were removed from a car accident. I have developed Osteopenia,Spinal Stenosis,4 additional herniated disks along with a couple bulging ones, and several other “back and bone problems” that are generally associated with older people. I also have a rare and terminal disease which has caused me to have 2 brain tumors,2 kidney tumors,a tumor in my stomach,one in my retina(eye),and dozens of other problems. I have had 30-40 surgeries in all.
          I assure you I am in major pain at all times. My Dr. should be able to prescribe me anything and any amount he wants and I should have absolutely no problem getting it at the pharmacy.
         However,that is not the case because some anti-drug person who has never met me and has never layed eyes on my case says that “Oxycodone is the devil and so is anyone taking it”. The problem with that belief, is that Oxycodone works. It is bar none the best pain reliever on the market for me and I have tried them all. But because some ill-informed pencil-pusher with too much power and too much time on his hands says that all pain patients are the same and has set an arbitrary limit on the amount of medicine a person can get in a month. It makes no difference whether they have one bulging disk or they are on their death bed,they are allowed the same amount. 
         My Dr believes I should be on at least twice the amount he is allowed to prescribe me,so that we could get my pain level down to around a 5 out of 10 and he is absolutely right.Note I said 5 out of 10 during the better part of my days. I fully undertsand that nothing can be done to get me pain free. 
         I understand that there are drug addicts in the world,but treating every person who takes narcotic pain relievers exactly the same, simply because some people who have never experienced real pain say so is a joke.
         The answer is easy really…First the pain management drs need to be trained to better undertsand pain. Then they need to be checked up on by other drs(a review board for each county or city/state reviewing their cases,meeting the patients,patients should be randomly drug tested(blood and urine,during visits and occasionally mid-month) to make sure they are taking their meds and only their meds properly. Special pharmacies should be set up that only deal in pain meds and they should also be trained to check up on drs and patients to make sure everything is on the up and up. Patients with criminal records,no income etc should be looked at closer. 
         The promary point here is there are people suffering from chronic pain. We come in all shapes,sizes,ages,etc and we need these meds to live semi-normal lives. The answer is not to take them away or put arbitrary limits or make them absurdly difficult to get. The answer is to educate the Drs and patients and form a reasonable series of checks and balances so that we can not only get the prescriptions we need but also be able to fill them when we need them. It should not be this hard to weed out the bad egg patients who are abusing them and/or selling them. The people making the laws are all focused on the wrong things.
         I could probably write another 50 pages on this but I am tired,in pain and need to take my pain meds so I hope someone with some control reads this and uses it as a guideline or at the very least takes some of my points into consideration. For those of us who truly need to take pain medicine,they are too hard to get and we are tired of being treated like criminals for being sick.
                                                                                                               Sick and in pain.

      • miracle seeker

        thank you you exressed my feelings to a tea! i pray everyday and night for some brilliant chemist to help, i”m sure they must have new meds but are not releasing them. who do we contact for help? i pray for you too- i am exhausted from pain,doc says my heart is in jeopardy from high pain levels- i wish you well

      • robert

        So since you no longer have an income I guess you fall into the take a closer look class.

        Many people struggle with out pain relief until they lose their jobs and then finally end up in pain management. But I guess they should be punished for that.


    last month my pain management doc actually ran out of script pads…that’s correct, he is a pain management doc that was out of pads for 3 weeks that i am aware of and possibly longer. i was contacted by his office to come in earlier than my next scheduled visit by his office knowing that they did not have pads, i had to wait 2 whole weeks before i went in on a monday to an office that was a chaotic seen that was just unreal. all these people who were just “cut off” by an irresponsible doctor that somehow managed to be out of pads for at least 3 weeks, not only that but he offered no alternate means for us to get our meds from any other doctor. now i went in yesterday for my regular visit and was shocked at the emptiness of his office, there were 2 people, and i was #2. thats was going from an office that was packed to the gills, ok so i knew there was something gone awry and as it turned out, the first thing he says to me when he comes in is that he can no longer write scripts for oxycodone…the only med that really works well for me and allows me to function. i need to be able to function well as my wife suffers from M.S. and i need to be able to help her along on her bad days so i cannot afford to be out of commission at all. i suffer from severe osteoarthritis in both knees as result of work related injuries, both of my rotator cuffs were torn when we were struck by a car as pedestrians 2 februarys ago, i have had surgery on my right shoulder that included the need for 5 anchors in reattaching damaged tendons, muscle, and ligaments, and also neck and back injuries that have left me with severe latency on my left arm and leg as per a nerve test i took. my lower back pain is unbearable without medication, i cant sleep, eat, sit, lay down, or do anything or have any comfort. my point being is that i couldn’t be more legitimate than i am, and so again’ i come in and first thing he says is “no more oxycodone” because?? the doctor went on to tell me about whats been going on in the news about oxycodone and regulations, rules, and basically nothing new, and tried to sell me on some ridiculous notion that in a round about way i wouldn’t be able to get oxycodone IR from anywhere as NO other doctors would take new patients, so basically like i had no choice but to remain HIS patient. i couldn’t believe that my doctor sat there and lied right to my face about this and sprung this on me without any prior information, so for the second time he knew he wasn’t going to be able to get me my meds and did not let me know so that I THE PATIENT could make a decision about what i was going to do and would be forced to just take different meds because i was soon to be out . i have been down the road of trying different meds and i know what works for me…i never asked him to increase my meds or anything of the sort, this combination was working very well for me and now i had to take dilaudid 8mg for breakthrough pain instead of 30mg oxycodone. im not saying no other meds work at all but the morphine based meds just make me uncomfortable, like a jittery like feeling, along with being tired, wheras the oxycodone just relieves the pain and allows me to function normally otherwise. he did increase the oxycontin 40mg from 60 tabs per month to 90 without my asking because he knew that i was going to need it because of the low bioavailability of dilaudid when taken orally and it is a HUGE DIFFERENCE. i can get along without being symptomatic in terms of withdrawl butther is a definite discomfort i am experiencing as a result of the change. as i mentioned i just had no choice because he didn’t inform me prior to my visit that he cant prescribe oxycodone to anyone anymore right now because i believe he is in “trouble” of sorts as he let the cat out of the bag when he mentioned that 4 of his patients had been arrested…gee doctor Gibbs was that when you so irresponsibly allowed people to suffer withdrawal because of whatever your issues are, and they had to turn to the streets to try to get some relief? WHY DO LEGITIMATE PATIENTS HAVE TO SUFFER BEHIND THE CRIMINALS?? its just nor right and i dont think that patients like myself should suffer for the sake of these peoples problems. i think they have it backwards in that whatever they do, it should not affect legitimate patients accessing their necessary medication, and doctors being afraid to write scripts for them. the criminasls will always find a way and they just have to accept that they cant control everyone all the time…its just not possible or realistic, if these lawmakers knew what it was like to not have your medication for even one day, the agony that is caused by these “rules” and scaring doctors they would have a different outlook on the issue. its like saying that just because a medication is an antidepressant that it doesn’t matter what medication you use because it does the same thing. we know that this is not true, everyone is different and just because 2 or more pain meds are opiate based meds and similar strength doesn’t mean they have the same effectiveness from person to person. first thing that needs to happen is that the lawmakers need to have a real understanding of how these meds work and differ from person to person and from drug to drug….we’re not all drug addicts looking for a fix, and those who are eventually have to stop because that lifestyle runs its course and eventually finds a bottom…this is the only way people find help anyway so why not just grant those of us who need this medication access, without being treated like and looked upon like criminals by doctors and pharmacists…its just wrong and they should stop with the demonizing. now i have to find another doctor and go through all kinds of unfair treatment because a few bad apples turned this medication into a cash cow…why should us legitimate patients have to suffer and carry the burden for this??? IT’S WRONG…STOP!!

    • maryann26

      You are certainly right that the criminal drug users will get their hands on all the drugs they want. Only patients who take their medication properly will suffer. Drug users are turning legitimate medical treatment into a nightmare.

      • John

        Drug users? They’ll always be there no matter what. How about blaming the government for this nightmare.with their draconian laws.

        • maryann26

          How about letting drug users get treatment or die from abuse? Patients should not suffer. A family member of mine is a pain patient, left disabled all thanks to a teen drunk driver. He never went to jail, which was where the bum belongs. I am sick to death of teen drunks, teen drug users, teens and all their dysfunctional behavior. Throw them in jail for life so that they can no longer be a danger to society.

          • tiredofstupidity

            I’m sick and tired of people like you all. Drug users suffer from an illness themselves. We do not ask their them things to happen. This is america and we should always help anyone. You’re the one with the real problem. I am a recovering addict and also suffer from chronic pain and i shouldn’t have to suffer because of my past. The government just can’t do their job properly so they make everyone else suffer. You need to understand that you should not judge, you are not god. Thanks for not caring for people who suffer from an illness. Addiction is a disease and always will be. Have a wonderful life

          • captainjman

            Hey, I wanted to thank you for making my pain medications impossible to get because you wanted to get high. Stop using your damn “disease” as an excuse. Go get illegal drugs if you want to get high. What you have done is far worse by getting prescription pain killers – you now make it hard if not impossible to ever feel less pain.. for me, and for the rest of us who NEED these medications. You should be ashamed of yourself. Go, go do drugs, I don’t care… and if you want help, I will be happy to help you… but don’t hurt others in your quest to get high. Thats so irresponsible – thats so shortsighted… so moronic. How dare you, you arrogant ass. I didn’t choose to get hurt, you made a decision to take medications you shouldn’t. Why do you feel justified in hurting others after a bad decision on your part? Like I said, stop hurting innocents. I have two kids to take care of, i’m stuck in bed…. stop your bullshit .. for once in your life, stop it.

          • tiredofstupidity

            You may lay in bed because you’re a lazy piece of shit. People like you don’t live long anyway. I will continue to mess things up for any fat ass that doesn’t have a clue on truth. Don’t be mad at addicts because you’re truly not in need of your meds like you say you are or you wouldn’t have any problem getting them. I truly hope you get way worse than you are right now because god will punish your pathetic ass. No excuse needed it is a disease, just like your laziness. I hope some day we could meet face to face. That would be great.
            Oh yeah that’s rights, you can’t get out of bed. Lol! But i bet you surf the web all day. I also feel sorry for your kids because if they learn things from you, they are in a world of trouble.
            Have a great day(punk)

          • captainjman

            I thoroughly enjoyed your message because it shows exactly greedy and self-centered you and the other drug users are. Now we can see the true nature of the drug abuser, someone who only cares about himself. It proves you don’t care about the pain and suffering you inflict upon others with your actions. and it proves that you use the label of “disease.”. Today Drs. have a disease label for every type of action. People hide behind these titles to justify how they act. I have a meeting with lawmakers coming up and I will be showing your response here so that they
            continue to help the people that really help and not selfish creeps You are nothing more than a beach society God only knows how you for drugs, many resorts is selling themselves or robbing homes or goods from stores to pay for the trucks but even if you don’t do that those drugs very bad people that funded Terrorist organizations so it’s not just your blatant use of drugs is also the effect it has on a global scale. You should be ashamed of yourself for even feeling that way well well being able to put that out there for people to see how disgusting you are the nature of yourself it’s just totally despicable pS I’m using speak recognition software on my iPad and I can’t even look to see if there are a mistakes or not but I’m sure you get the idea from the text that it types out. Sorry if there’s a bunch of mistakes but I just don’t have the strength or pain tolerance to check it

          • TD


          • Laura Ann Crawford


          • Laura Ann Crawford


          • Laura Ann Crawford



        • miracle seeker

          will the goverment or these loser drug heads really care-it could happen to any of them i wathched my sister a month ago die a painful death because her dr put her on some experimental drug and took away the only pain med that worked said theGOVERNMENT took it away she suffered to her death,
          I see my demise going the same way if we dont get real help. the phsicians i:ve known for years have changed and read you the riot act about meds, we are looking for sincere help But yet the politicians are on tv with ads every five minutes i sure they stay heathy or a family member,cause they dont give a damn about us

        • captainjman

          there is the drug abuser answer – it was your negligence, your despicable greed for your own personal high – thats why I cant get any god damn pain relief. THe government is trying to save your ass- so don’t blame them.. without you there would be no F++++++ problem in the first place. Yes, the government should just let drug users die, i agree, but for some reason they have a bleeding heart for you abusers than people dying of pain.

          • Ruffus

            I think what you do not understand is actually, quite a lot. I would suggest before you project your own personal negative views about addiction; you open a book or two to educate yourself on the “disease.” H-95.983 Drug Dependencies as Diseases
            The AMA
            1. endorses the proposition that drug dependencies, including alcoholism, are diseases and that their treatment is a
            legitimate part of medical practice, and
            2. encourages physicians, other health professionals, medical and
            other health related organizations, and
            government and other policymakers to become more well informed about drug dependencies, and to base their policies and activities on the recognition that drug dependencies are, in fact, diseases. (Res. 113, A-87)
            Vicious Cycle
            Prior to becoming addicted a problem drinker goes through two earlier problematic states clinically called abuse and dependency. Chronic drug use creates a vicious circle we call the spiral of addiction:

            Ingesting a drug creates the brain’s need for more,
            creating dopamine surges,
            which creates pleasure.
            As dopamine subsides,
            pleasure gives way to emotional and physical pain,
            triggering the stress neurotransmitter cortisol to jumpstart the body’s stress system because it recognizes the body is in danger.
            This stress chemical creates anxiety thoughts and cravings,
            which must be medicated.
            Then the cycle begins again.

            Eventually, everything that once held value in a person’s life, including family, job, relationships, and community, is lost to the disease.

          • quickiB

            Perhaps your anger is misplaced. It’s understandable given the pain you suffer, but the problem here is the politicians, and more broadly, people’s perverse desire to control the indulgences of others and to indiscriminately punish social deviance. The state we’re in regarding drugs, addiction etc, is EXACTLY the same as during the prohibition of alcohol. There were “Dr. Feelgoods” back then as well, giving paying patients their whiskey prescription. There were people who abused alcohol (or just “used” it), there were many who died from impurities, and there were the criminals organizations (like the modern cartels) who made a killing, literally and figuratively, and created unnecessary violence and disrespect for the law among the people subject to it. Do you really think drug addicts want to deal with all the bullshit and jump through all the hoops we put in their way out of some perverse desire to make your meds harder to get. I am on your side, to me the government needs to get the fuck out of medicine and the business of regulating morality. Do you really need to pay a doctor to scribble a note, that after several hours of waiting and apprehension finally gets filled and scrutinized by 1000 different parties. Fuck that, do you think people who want to drink would put up with that shit? People, including pain patients and drug users (not “abusers”, that is a politically loaded and unhelpful term) should be able to buy, safetly and cheaply, any fucking drug they desire, and use them on their own terms. I wish you could walk into a Wal-Mart or prescriptionless drug store and buy any/pain med you need. Please understand who the enemy here is. People always have and always will do drugs, and its not a one-size-fits-all approach like alcohol. Not everyone likes alcohol and it is certainly more harmful than 80% of the illegal/”dangerous” drugs, dwarfed only by the other legal drug tobacco/nicotine. So don’t blame drug users, its not their fault the government an the society they live in are fuckheads.

          • captainjman

            quickiB, I hear what you are saying – and to be fair, a lot of what you said is absolutely correct.

            I agree with you, there should not be a war on drugs. And if we can’t stop the war, at least not incarcerate the users, and just go after the dealers and producers. This war has had zero effect on neither drug production or rate of consumption. Just based on its lack of results it should be suspended.

            But many drug addicts and addicts like tiredofstupidity don’t care about how they impact the world around them. People like him will continue to go after the medications patients like I need – despite of the effect it has on us patients. That is just terrible.

            I had my meeting and showed his response to my post – you could hear a gasp as the powerpoint showed his response on the screen. There is a huge difference between abusers like him and patients.

            Drug abuse simply means using a drug for other reasons than listed on its label or instructions. Using Advil to treat kidney failure would be an example of drug abuse. Using a drug to get a high is another. This did not originate from society as a dirty word. Addiction is a medical condition, but one brought upon ones self. Lets say there is a Kidney for transplant. Would you really want a drug abuser to get that kidney before an innocent little girl who hasn’t done anything wrong? (if you said yes, think about it if you had to choose and it was a choice between saving yourself or your own daughter).

            But there are a few things left to discuss. Look at the response I got from tiredofstupidity for instance. I don’t know if you are a drug user or not, and if you are, but look at this guys behavior. He doesn’t care at all if he hurts patients, all her cares about is himself. In many ways drug abuse is a selfish act. For instance, when someone overdoses on a drug it is the family of the loved one that is left to cry. Many of these people have children, and they rob their children of a mother or father. In many cases addicts live on the street. It then becomes a huge issue to clean up after them, or the fiscal impact of dealing with the deceased. It costs real money to pay a medical examiner to do thee autopsies and disposal of the body.

            Drug abuse/ addictt has real material costs as well. When a drug addict needs money to buy drugs, many resort to stealing from stores or robbing a home, etc etc. How many people are killed every year from traffic accidents? Alcohol is a huge contributor because people who drink don’t always respect the power of that drug. The same is true for driving while high! This is a huge problem as well.

            You say that the government should’t control your indulgence, and what you do with your own body, etc etc. I would agree with you – IF we lived in a perfect world. But the world isn’t perfect, and people need to drive while loaded (drugs and alcohol), it leads to stealing, robberies – robberies that go wrong and they kill or seriously hurt the innocent victim.

            Drugs destroy peoples lives. Most of these helpless abusers openly admit they wish they never started, and none of them decided to be a junky some day. They thought they had it under control and then one day they realized its not just a little experimentation, its not just for fun, and descend to a life on the streets, selling their bodies for drugs, breaking into homes, robbing people at gun or knifepoint, shoplifting etc etc.

            So the government tried to stop people from this, not only for themselves but the impact to the world around them. Each person is an investment by society and the state. All that money to help educate you, and the goal is to have each person achieve as much as they can. Either by being a scientist for instance who is working on cold fusion, or the cook at the waffle house that feeds the employees who make the screws for that cold fusion experiment, we are all an integral part of that system. – and then there is the issue of taxes – the better educated you are, the more money you make, and now you spend your money, and pay sales tax, or earn a lot and pay income tax… but when you drop out of society – you are no longer a god investment. We need everyone – and to see a promising young astronaut become a homeless heroin addict is just too high a price.. so they made these laws to protect man from himself. In a utopian world – that wouldn’t be necessary, but once again we are not in a utopian world.

            I agree with you, there should not be a war on drugs. And if we can’t stop the war, at least not incarcerate the users, and just go after the dealers and producers.

          • J.M. Becker

            @captainjman:disqus: But once again you fail to grasp the entire problem, and you’re only really saying “this war on drugs shouldn’t inconvenience legitimate society” … But guess what it does, and it does so without you realizing the true impact. You’re conflating the true dangers of drugs, and the consequences of prohibiting said drugs. For example, I would assume we both have known alcoholics, and it;s clear they have a problems…. but do they usually steal and rob from other citizens? No they don’t because they could easily just beg on the street for comparatively small amount of cash required. You cannot beg for the costs of a drug addiction, prohibition has raised the costs to level that theft is almost required. I think it’s actually more utopian to conclude that addicts would just decide to stop using…. because they haven’t stopped and it’s already a living hell. I also think it’s draconian to simply mass incarceration, but decriminalization alone won’t address the true problem. I also disagree with the above poster, drugs should not be in any given walmart. However they must be available to any ‘lost’ addict at a reasonable cost, ideally in a somewhat unmarked location away from children and those unaware of the severe consequences. The answer is having them just available ‘enough’, so that no incentives justify selling drugs on the street. This addresses the addicts safety, addresses the draconian imprisonment costs, and decapitates the black market. In the meantime honest education regarding the dangers of drug usage should continue, and all advertisements and marketing banned. This is the humane answer, that accepts the reality of addiction, and accepts the horror of prohibition.

          • SUN_FLOWER

            Omg! It is living hell because, just living it awful I cried i was crying for this hard i am walking zombie look like shit i am scared to go HELP because i do not want to get locked up )= .

          • Ed Benson

            I made a mistake and went to two doctors, only because the people helping me move my furniture wouldn’t take money, only Norco. I have a real need for pain medication and I am being turned away. I totaled my car because I had a seizure and have a lifelong history of panic attacks. This law if unreal and unfair. Even criminals get out of jail. People make mistakes but it doesn’t always mean they’ll make them again. I also have been diagnosed for scoliosis yet am unable to get ANY pain medication. I can hardly walk. This rule is wrong, we are human beings and prone to making errors in our life. To suffer by a punishment somewhat comparable to “life in prison” is out of line. I have to buy the medications now off the street at astronomical amounts of cash. I want to contest this … does anyone have a clue how I can do it? I made a mistake because I felt there was nothing else I could do to satisfy the pressure of moving out on time complicated by the demands of the movers. Please help

          • J.M. Becker

            @captainjman:disqus your completely wrong, the answer is very simple and clear as crystal. Prohibition is horrific and it hurts EVERYBODY in our society, it always was terrible policy and will always remain terrible policy. Here’s a few examples… children who lose parents to prison, crime addled cities a consequence from the black market, innocent citizens are subject to random search and seizure, and guess what??? It’s now effected pain patients, and there is no one left to speak for you. The bleeding hearts are the only people actually advocating for less government…. the irony is palpable.

          • captainjman

            I don’t think you get it – you can try to dictate and tell me how it’s going to be – but it won’t make it so – it is the legitimate society that passes laws and creates programs and therefore I really don’t care about your apparent dislike for all things legitimate and that you are in favor of the drug user- hoping for a society in which he can do what he wants without a bother in the world –

            I find it ironic that you would argue with even those who further your own cause – because you want absolution on top of it all. Well, there is no regulation that will make your impact on innocents okay. No law will make a drug abusing parents children’s pain okay. it just doesn’t work that way. Just be happy that legitimate society is willing to throw you a bone and try to work towards a future where you get to do what you want without anyone throwing you in prison – or having to pay high prices for your drugs…… but it isn’t because it’s “FAIR” it’s because your impact to those around you is so high, it’s better to just give you what you want and hope that the damage is minimal. Because no matter what you will say – people high or drunk cause DUI accidents, not legitimate drivers around them. Drug abusers steal, lie, cheat, and do immoral and indecent acts for their drug of CHOICE. Because you can stop if you really want to – you just don’t REALLY want to. You do have control over your actions no matter what BS argument you think you have. Chemicals are not responsible for your actions – you are – YOU!

            And you SHOULD but obviously don’t – feel bad about those you hurt around you. And that is the biggest reason why you don’t have more people for this cause. The people who do want to see drugs legalized want it so that there is less impact to the legitimate member of society – so that we don’t have to pay the price for other peoples choices – yes – choices. Addicts do stop using, people who are not addicts yet – start using – EVERY DAY. on both ends of the spectrum.

            I am pushing for a not a drug free world but a legalized drug world because I am a realist, I know that it is impossible to irradiate the problem, yes, problem. So yes, like many others I want to minimize your impact on legitimate society because of your actions – because you throw up your hands and say WE CAN’T, what you really are saying is WE WON’T – but I don’t care – I just want your impact on good people to be as small as possible.

            But yeah, despite what you want to hear, you should feel bad about how your actions impact other people who did nothing wrong,.. you really should… you’re just to self centered to care about others – and thats on you!

          • J.M. Becker

            @captainjman: You’re not even arguing with who I am. I’m not an illicit drug user, or an ex convict, I’ve never stated anything which should lead you to believe this, but I understand how you may have assumed this considering the topic. I wasn’t speaking in first person when I described the life of an addict, but was speaking of the reality in which they exist. The reason I support legalization is because prohibition has punished our world, and the reason I understand the full spectrum is because I follow the Drug Policy Alliance, … So to put it simply, while I believe your moralizing is still incorrect, you’ve most definitely got the wrong guy. Unless of coarse, a voting, working, US citizen, suddenly isn’t enough to be considered ‘legitimate’.

          • captainjman

            THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of this whole thing is the discussion about the drug abusers impact on innocent people. You can have your bleeding hart for drug abusers, and I am not saying no one should feel bad for them, but the are at the bottom of the list.. the people I have a bleeding heart for is those that didn’t make the choice to abuse a drug that have to pay for someone else’s actions… the innocent people. The children who have a drugged up parent, or the shop owner who has to replace his window or pay the deductible and higher premium after a druggie in dope sickness broke into his store to steal a TV so he could buy more dope… who do I feel worse for? The shop owner. And the truth is that I find it appalling that people can even care more about themselves than the people they hurt. Thats just messed up. They should feel ashamed of themselves but they don’t, they only care about how THEY feel. it’s shameful.

            So I don’t care who you are, what you do, it’s the topic that makes a difference. If you find yourself without a viable argument after what I said – maybe there is a reason for that?

            In a different section I was able to prove how many drug abusers really feel – he didn’t care about his impact to people with real conditions that need these medications, and how druggies actions effected other peoples lives, making these drugs harder to get – because of all the diversion and illegal activity. How can a man not care about the consequences for his actions. THAT is a fundamental problem.

            I am in pain 24/7 after an accident at work through no fault of my own, doing exactly what I was told to do by my company – and STILL I apologize to my family when I can’t join them, or when I am vomiting from pain and need to clean up – I say “I am sorry” because I have an impact on them and their lives.

            If it’s true that addiction is a medical problem, which I actually back myself, where is the apology to those around him for him impact to others. Where is his attempt to not adversely impact other people the way I try to still be a good family member and do things with my family until I just can’t anymore… it’s because there is more here that just a medical condition – there is a mental problem here as well – narcism among many other mental and social problems.

            But just people you have a medical or mental problem doesn’t excuse your behaviors. Jeffery Dahmer had mental problem- so should we have just let him continue killing and eating his victims? of course not.

            Drug abuse is not an excuse, it is not some nail to hang their hat on and say – it’s medical – leave them alone? NO NO NO, they must be held accountable for their impact on others- they want to ruin their own lives- it’s their lives? right? thats what we are saying – let them do what they want if it just impacts them…. well, thats only true of it only impacts them.

            Now, I already advocate putting an end to the drug war because of the impact to the innocent first and foremost. If those advocating for other reasons only want an ally if they have the exact same views – fine – these laws will never get passed. I think it’s idiotic to argue with people who want the same thing you do.

            BUT – at the same time – they should feel ashamed for how they hurt legitimate pain patients. They should feel bad for how they impact all sorts of people – and whether the drugs are legalized or not- it is WRONG to care only about yourself and to indulge in your wants and needs at the expense of others. No law will change the moral aspects discussed here. And yes, they should feel ashamed!

          • Laura Ann Crawford

            I don’t care if the doctor has to personally watch me swallow my oxycontin just to get out of pain!!!! Other people abusing this drug and inability to get it has made me suicidal at times and I know there are others out there sufferng as bad as I am. My own doctor is very sad for me, as he knows just how much pain I am in. The mri’s and xrays and other test do not lie.

          • Laura Ann Crawford

            All of you so-called anti-drug people why don’t you spend 24 hours in my body? I guarantee you will be screaming to get out of pain. No even just two hours.

          • pissedsreking relief


      • Lynn Sherwin

        So well said, we, the innocents will suffer.

        • captainjman

          You got that right – this country has their priorities all messed up. The government wants to protect those who illegally use these medications, and make it hard if not impossible to find a doctor willing to help us who really need the medication. I have no sympathy for a person illegally taking oxycontin and dies. NONE. He deserved it. The pain that addict causes US REAL PAIN PATIENTS- they should be charged with aggravated assault for torturing us. I need to find a doctor who can help me – and I cant find any. If anyone here knows someone in Chicago area (north) please contact me. I need a doctor who will titrate my medicaions properly so I can have the relief that I need to live. Where is societies sympothy for us in pain? Why do they care more for drug abusers than they do for me?

      • captainjman

        we have to stop this – we have to band together and get DEA to stop bothering doctors, and prosecute the abusers doing their illegal drugs. Lock them up for life – since they are causing us a life of pain and suffering – since now, because of their desire to get high, we cant get the pain meds we need to have a god forsaken life…. I WANT MY LIFE BACK YOU ADDICTED A-HOLES, I didn’t have a choice, you did…. I should be more important to the world than a drug addict. I AM WORTH MORE THAN A DRUG ADDICT. I DID NOTHING WRONG

        • Laura Ann Crawford


    • wilma nelson

      well said i am in the same boat and it sucks

    • George Sullivan

      Please take a moment to check out the newly created Facebook page, “Patients United for DEA Reform”… Our goal is to pressure the DEA to amend their inhumane policies which are forcing millions of Americans to suffer needlessly. The DEA is attempting to disrupt the legal distribution of pain medications to pharmacies and their customers with policies that do not differentiate between those that simply want the medications and those that absolutely need it, due to serious and sometimes life threatening illnesses. Join us and raise Your voice to help family,friends or yourselves to stop this horrible situation.

  • Daniel S

    America, land of limited personnel freedom. This is precisely why I have shifted from the republican party to the libertarian party.

  • Lawrence Rockwood, PhD

    Where is the Harm Reduction Movement on this? They are having a conference in November addressing “Foucault” and “anti-drug war strategies in the 60s.” Nothing about this McCarthyist storm that will leave their target population living and DIEING in agony.

  • switching 2boy

    This is a bad idea. I have never abused mt scripts. I take them as directed. So im switching to BOY Fuck NEW YORK

  • D.E.G.

    Albert Einstein said, “The BEST WAY to true knowledge is through EXPERIENCE” Yet how many Doctors HAVE “chronic pain.” How many Doctors, have experienced BACK SURGERY(S)? How many doctors have broken a bone or had a severe “road burn?” Or been burned by fire? How many Doctors have experienced CHILD LAYBOR PAIN? In short, how many doctors have even hurt themselves; most leading such protective lives. And doing such dangerous things such as “golf.” Not many, if any at all. Yet “they” have “that piece of paper” (degree) that CLAIMS “they know.” They ONLY thing they-know, is the PROPAGANDA they’ve read, or been “taught” by “others” that have no pain. And, of course, how to count their money!
    I am 62 years old and have lead a crazy, PAINFUL, “accident-prone” life. I’ve met DOZENS of Doctors. Some good, some not. As I get older, I see the medical establishment going down-hill fast. VERY FAST. And the “quality-of-care” going right down with it. Most “doctors” I meet these days care about one thing, and one thing ONLY…..”THE BOTTOM LINE.” i.e. MONEY I was even “fired” by my last doctor BECAUSE (he refused to continue “treating” me)he went on vacation, and didn’t even bother to leave my refill; knowing FULL WELL, I’d be out BEFORE he returned! When I mentioned to him he then claimed I was “caustic.” He mentioned it twice in a letter, because he didn’t have the balls to say it to my face! His receptionist told me “go to emergency at the hospital.” And his only response was “sorry about that.” THAT….doesn’t pay the $475 dollar emergency bill, nor the cost to get 20 pills! AND the 2 HOUR wait! (even though, there was NO ONE IN the hospital at that time! All they the hospital would “allow” me was 20 pills. And then I had to pay my doctors $96 to get my next refill that SHOULD HAVE been written in advance, or in some other way, made available for me. 15 minutes! That’s all you get is 15 minutes; and he is walking out the door. (I timed it) In the 3 years I had seen this dude, he NEVER, EVER, put his hands on me. He never “physically-examined” me. Then, he “suggested” I see another “doctor” that 3 years prior, (before I stated seeing him) his nurse told me , Oh, you don’t wanna see THAT guy!” WHAT? And guess what, THAT “doctor” refused to see me, or even tell me why he wouldn’t! WTH is going on here? What has happened to doctors these days? There is so much GOVERNMENT REGULATION, They can no longer do a proficient job BECAUSE of it! And sounds to me like, it is only getting worse. I hope I die soon. This planet is not for a spirit like mine. And corruption, is changing from “bums” to WHITE-COLLAR-CRIMINALS! Politicians are even worse. Politicians, lawyers, and next “doctors.” The “founders” are turning in their graves!
    Even though it is now LEGAL (like California) to get “medicinal marijuana” for pain, he refuses to even consider it. WHY? He’s afraid he’ll loose his license or get busted by the Feds! He doesn’t give a shi* about me, OR any of his patients. He “cares” about his LIFESTYLE!
    I think THAT, as much as anything, is the “problem” with “doctors” today. GONE, are the “caring” doctors of the “old days.” When, is the last time, if ever, you’ve heard of a doctor that makes house calls? It NEVER happens these days. THEY are too busy making money. The very reason MOST people today join the “medical-profession” is CASH MONEY! And THAT, is the driving-force, that causes most folks today to get into the business, in the first place. Sad…….but oh, so true.

  • jane

    i recently contacted a doctor named ANTOGAI i find his name on the internet so i decided to contact him for help in my relationship he as me to send him my details which i did after that he told me that the gods reveled something to him and he told me everything that was reveled to him and he told me what he was going to do the after three days my relationship became sweet again and the person that was behind my problem came to begin me for forgiveness which my mother in-law now i and my love are happy again including my mother in-law…. thanks to Dr.

  • mark
  • InMyMindsAyn

    What the hell is wrong with you New England liberal Democrats who keep voting for these leftists who impose more and more and more government intrusion into your personal lives? Why do you think there is a need for the government to protect you from yourselves? Why do you do it? It seems so contradictory to all common sense.

  • moi smith

    Give me a break, anyone with any a brain knows that this is all yet another scheme set up by the government to continue the never ending cold war on drugs. The US brings in these drugs, mostly so that they can continue raking in the cash for these poor addicts sitting in privatized prisons or on supervision. Over 92 percent of offenders are non-violent addicts. Without all this income from the government for all this, we would be bankrupt. My heart bleeds for all the suffering pain patients out there who can no longer get their medication. Living in constant pain is not life. I would rather be dead then left to suffer. You didn’t quite think this one through did you government? Or scarier, did you? All you’ve done is send the junkies underground and watch…crime, violence, and suicide will all increase in the next two years. Mark my words.

  • Lynn Sherwin

    COULD spell TROUBLE, It DOES cause trouble.
    I have a nervous condition I NEED a small amount of nerve medication to function. SURVIVE.
    YOU HAVE NO IDEA of the SUFFERING this new LAW has CAUSED.
    I do not abuse my medicine, I DO NOT SELL IT ON THE STREET.
    I care for my elderly mother, she also needs a medicine to calm her.

    WE ENDED UP AT THE TORNTO EAST GENERAL EMERGENCY DEPT< She was delerious, exhausted, from anxiety, and lack of sleep.

    I felt I was about to lose my mind in no small measure.
    WE COST THE GOVERNMENT MONEY for this trip, and caused EVEN MORE STRESS to my Mother who has Cancer, heart trouble, mild Dementia, etc.


    You have DOctors AFRAID to prescribe, patients wh o suffer.
    WHO CAN I WRITE to get answers?


  • Lynn Sherwin

    SUICIDE, yes, as moi smith stated, this move to ban helpful medicne WILL cause SUICIDE.
    I feel and felt so upset I wanted to die.

  • Lynn Sherwin


    Get ready for more Emergency Room visits, crime and suicide from people suffering.

    Get ready to wash our blood from your hands.

    Target the truly DIRTY DOCTORS, like the jerk Dr. Li, in Scarborough Foxridge and Kennedy Rd. He gives out OXY’s to anyone, My Dear Friend took his life past summer, and another after that, Thanks to this creep, who did not provide proper care. He KNEW my friend was ill, but did NOT offer him intervention.
    He won’t take female patients, and won’t be taking any now, as he is ‘going away’.
    HE should NEVER EVER have given my friend these pills.
    and leave him to suffer from withdrawals, alone.

  • Lynn Sherwin

    Have any of you heard of the BILDERBERGS a group of ELITE who want to eradicte much of the population, for their benefit.
    This legislation smacks of BILDERBERG mentality.
    I invite you to do a search on it, There is even a list of many Candians who are part of this Politicians bankers, and the like.

    So, anyone know of a DRUG dealer I can buy my nerve medicine from?
    Can’t beat the system so I’ll break the rules,
    Thanks for turning me into a criminal.

  • miracle seeker

    what do you do when you were severely injured had 3 major surgeries this year and have excuciating pain and nerve damage? we are looking for a cure we are not street people,i am 63 yrs old what will replace our medsare we just going to die from pain has any of you experieced 24/7 pain,we need sincere help,you can put a device on mars,why cant our scientist create new meds ,please help

    • miacle seeker

      meant medicine sorry misprint

    • Just Saying

      That is exactly what is going to happen unless you start becoming proactive. The government will do exactly what it wants unless you speak up. Go to medical board meeting support your docs who are being disciplined. Speak up…write letters, get a group together and call the media, call radio shows. Be heard or be forgotten.

  • troubled

    Understanding the need after an operation is not as difficult as some of the problems that can come along with prescription drugs. For instance, the lack of monitoring peoples drivers licences (i.e. insist of driving young children around, driving themselves to doctors with an all-day allotment of these drugs, permits to buy and carry guns and hunt with their children while it not being publicly known by protective authorities.

    Try being a person with children and arguing with a dependent person on their failure to analyze their responsibilities as a ‘privileged patient’ with these rights. Simply stating that after an hour of taking these meds one is perfectly fine to drive because of their tolerance is rediculous. One accident, even if it is not the med takers fault could jeopardize the custody of the children.

    Plenty of people do need these drugs… and the repetitive nature of taking them for the pain does cause the need for taking them due to the addiction, which tells your body ‘I better take my meds’. Before you know it you cant live without them without the pain. And the lack of being able to exercise more movement of your body prevents flexibility and motivation in general because it causes yet more pain and stiffness if you don’t.

    There is obviously a problem of people getting these meds without prescriptions, and probably always will be. I hope my children never become curious enough to find out what their parent takes and why. Despite the NEED… there are still plenty of underlying problems because of peoples freedom and rights unfortunately. Including the well-know hostile attitudes when loved ones express their concern. As well, the only alternative is to submit letters to the Dept. of Driver Services on their own… something that should be done by the prescribing doctors themselves. AND YES Govt. programs such as Medicaid and Workman’s Compensation should provide for all means of transportation with regard to these issues. It is sickeningly ludicrous what Workman’s Compensation got away with in their ‘limits’ on the suit we just experienced. We just give up the rehabilitative responsibilities simply because it is probably hopeless… as well as the reeducation for new jobs when the main part of a job is DRIVING… which would be considered wrong for a job, but somehow OK when transporting your children and hunting because of lack of knowledge.

  • Shawn’s Mom

    There are 2 sides to every story. Yes, I feel for all you people who need to get pain meds from their doctor and are finding it more difficult, however all drug addicts are NOT criminals. My beautiful 22 year old son, Shawn died 6 weeks ago from a heroin overdose. How did he get to that point? A DOCTOR pushed oxycodone on him for back pain. Yes, he had back pain, but not serious back pain that required oxycodone. Of course he became addicted to the pills and began to go doctor shopping. When he found it difficult to do that he “found” heroin, which gives you the same high but is easy and cheaper to get. He spent 6 weeks in a lockdown rehab facility and was onky home for 3 days when my other son, Nicky found him unresponsive on the kitchen floor. It was the day of Nicky’s 24th birthday. In rehab, every kid has the same story. They all come from middle class families. They all start with prescriptions from the doctor. They all turn to heroin. My son was NOT a criminal. He was robbed of living his life because of an addiction that was started by a doctor. I buried my 22 year old son because he was overprescribed medication by a doctor.

    • Just Saying

      I feel your pain, I have children too. A very close family member was addicted as well. If you dig deeper, you will find that their addiction started way before they went to the doctor. Because of the HIPPA regulations doctors are not allowed to speak to anyone other than their patient unless instructed that they can. It is a catch 21 situation. You don’t know what you son told the doctor only what your son told you. It places the physician in a very precarious situation. He can’t discuss it with you. Unfortunately, I have learned that people who are addicts lie, steal, cheat. They do whatever they need to, to get their drugs. Even if it means hurting their parents, family, friends and the physician as well. I was told when I accompanied by family member to rehab, that the only one to blame was the addict. That the addict is the one that needs to want to stop and pull himself up by the bootstraps. No one is to help him, he is to help himself. Fortunately, in my case he did. I was also told that when the person starts doing drugs that they remain the same emotional age when they started but still grow in their intellectual age. Some times when I speak to my family member he still sounds like a 13 year old instead of a 60 year old. Used to be the parents were blamed for not bringing him up right, the drug dealer was blamed and now the doctor is being blamed. The only one who made the decision to do drugs was the individual. It’s hard to accept, I know. But if you really want to do something proactive, then you need to be able to identify the addiction and then instead of getting rid of the doctors make it a partnership in demanding that clinics be set up that are controlled environments for dispensing and getting the drug addicted off drugs and rehab. It would be a lot less expensive and more productive to do it this way then spend trillions of dollars on a war we really aren’t going to win and have already lost. If this was in place your son would have had a much better chance of getting off the drugs and still be alive today. I am truly sorry for your loss.

    • juat gessy


  • BLMB

    I’d like to thank this jerk for getting me on some sort of a “watch list”
    for trying to fill a script for 12 Ambien before my husband – who is being laid
    off – looses health insurance. I was in the ER back in August (that turned into
    a three day stay) and written a script upon release for 30 Ambien. I was discharged from the hospital at almost 11 p.m. The only pharmacy open was a CVS that I don’t normally get my scripts filled at. But, what are you suppose to do when it’s the only place open??

    They would only fill 12 of the 30. By the end of August, I had picked up 24 of
    the 30 pills.

    Almost THREE MONTHS later, I asked my new, “regular” doctor for a script for Ambien, knowing we’d be losing health insurance. I take this script to my usual CVS (because this time I’m not leaving a hospital at 11 p.m.). Again, they will only fill 12 (because of insurance regs).

    About a week goes by and I figured I’d get the last 6 – from WAY BACK in Aug. filled…just to have them so I won’t have to pay out-of-pocket when I lose coverage. I never even went to pick them up…because I don’t really use them often…and the pharmacy was far from my home. I was told I could fill the next 12 at my local CVS in a few days – in fact, the pharm. tech there took my name and told me he’d have it refilled in a few days.

    Well, a few days pass…and they still haven’t filled the 12 pills. I call the pharmacy and they can’t tell me why. So, I call my doctor…..who eventually calls me back to
    tell me I am now on some watch list?!? for trying to get the Ambien filled from
    two different locations/doctors. I guess next time I have a helluva migraine
    that requires hospitalization, I’m suppose to make sure to wake my usual doctor
    up, out of bed so they write the script.

    Well, my “usual” PA doesn’t care about the details; about being released from
    the hospital near midnight with a splitting migraine and having NO CHOICE but
    to go to the one pharmacy that was open in the middle of the night on a SUNDAY….doesn’t make a difference that we’re talking about a total of 36 pills that were actually filled – in my hand – over an almost 3-and-a-half-month period of time…Now, I am labeled as some sort of addict or criminal. I have never had
    any problems with the law in my life – now I’m on a watch list, over 36 pills.
    Are you kidding me??? People are selling crack on the streets of downtown
    Albany day in and day out. Meth labs in basements. Yet, I’m the one on a watch
    list. A woman whose husband is losing a job after 13 years, is putting her home
    up for sale and just trying to get my scripts filled, because I have no idea
    when/if I’ll have health coverage again. Yes, what a suspicious character I
    must be. Go ahead – sell your bags of pot on the corner, folks! No one will
    give a damn about what you’re doing – they’ll be “watching” me. This is RIDICULOUS!!

    Now, where are the people like myself suppose to go; to appeal this???? What’s my recourse?

    • billyboy58

      mam, the same thing happened to me now im on this so called list,how do I get off. what makes these people think they can control our lives like this I have no record im diabetic with nerve pain and have back and neck pain also now I am binig sent to a clinic because I didn’t know its a crime to use 2 def, stores? since when is that a bad thing
      / Im mad as heck, I want this to get fixed and off this so called list this is just wrong!

  • wilma nelson

    i am very upset.i am a pain patient.i do not and will not abuse my meds.i need surgery which i can not afford..anyway went 9 places to get my meds and again today and there are no meds avalible.what is a person to do.i no something needs to be done about those out there abusing them but some of use really need them.something has to be done and stop all the abuse so the ones who need them can get them

  • DogDays

    The government getting between a doctor and his/her patient never helps the practice of medicine…surprise, surprise! Let prescribers practice their crafts to the best of their ability. Leave the gov, police, etc, out of the equation unless 911 is called. Cops don’t want to babysit adults either. We don’t, or shouldn’t, live in a nanny state!

  • service

    Unless a class action law suit is filed against these pharmacies, doctors and the DEA, chronic pain sufferers will continue to die because of this stupidity. The only ones being harmed all across America are the innocent pain sufferers!

  • service

    Please, are there any Lawyers out there that can help chronic pain sufferers? Everyone in America can sue for everything, yet a person who cannot live without pain medication has no recourse? What is going on here!! Please for God’s sake help us!!

  • ohmy

    I can understand the concern of doctor shopping, however how does government get involved with doctors on how or what they can prescribe to their patients. Why does government feel that have to rule doctors now. They need to worry about the economy not the doctor patient relationship. Our government is going to far this is called a dictator

  • Rachel Wells

    and now it begins.

  • FedUP

    Why are we spending time worrying about drug addicts who, more than likely, will never contribute anything to society anyway? It’s been said that this disease runs in families, so why not just let them kill themselves off?

    • deeply saddened

      I cant believe what I am reading in the majority of the postings here with a few informative and factual posts. Where is the humanity?. Alcohol and drug abuse runs in my family that I have no contact with. However, I have chronic back and shoulder pain, several broken bones, siatica ect. I was prescribed low mg hydrocodone 10 years ago and gradually given upto 10/norco 3 times a day. I, at one point lowered my own dose because I told my dr. I didnt want to become too dependent on it. Now, I lost my job, my insurance, my dr. And am addicted to these meds not to gwt high, as I have never taken more than prescribed, but I depend on them to preform normal activity daily. I have to purchase from drug dealers who are dealing them to pay for there problem with being unable to get the meds a dr. Got them addicted to and then abandond them because they had no insurance. Some are in more pain than others, some body will always have it worse than you, and it can also be you that is the addict one day, or you who was in the car accident or born with a disorder. We all have one common factor, or so I thought, we are all human. We all need to care about whats happening to our neighbor, self inflicted or not. Addiction is said to be hereditary and none of us asked to be born. For goddess sakes just love one another and have compassion for anothers struggle. Its all real and happening. Together we can help one another, fighting and putting eachother down is making a mockery of the human race.

  • Oldetooles

    I have just encountered this problem! I have chronic pain from my back. I suffer from sciatica presently & have had 3 back surgeries none of which were really successful. The worst being this last one. It has been 10 weeks since the surgery & I am in almost as much pain now as I was before it. I have been to pain management before & their solution is not medication; but painful nerve root blocks, which do little if anything. THE! st one offered a minute amount of relief for maybe 3 weeks and that was it. You are only allowed to have the procedure once every 3 months and when I went back for the 2nd and told him it really wasn’t helpful the dr doing the procedure said he would get it better this time. Understand, that they use demerol when they administer this procedure and even with that, when he stabbed my nerves 5 times with the needle I felt it and I continued to feel that pain for the next 5 or 6 months. You couldn’t pay me enough to get on a table and let someone do that to me again. I have a family dr. who has himself had back surgery and understands what pain actually is and is kind enough to write me a prescription for hydrocodone 10/500 which I take every 4 hrs. It barely makes laying in my bed bearable; but is better than nothing; which is what most dr and surgeons are willing to give you; because everyone is more worried about addiction, than people with chronic pain having any quality of life. Quite frankly, I would far prefer to be addicted to these medicines than to lay in a bed always and suffer in pain! Today was the 1st day my prescription came due after the new law and I was on my 2nd refill which was the final and my friendly Rite Aid Pharmacy; which never neglects to call me when I have prescriptions due to be filled, even though I am not stupid and just don’t want or need them yet neglected to ever tell me that I would not be able to use this last refill when they filled it last month. It is a weekend and no Dr. available & I can not have the medication I need to just lay in bed without suffering.

    When are people who suffer from chronic pain going to be treated fairly, and like human beings and not drug addicts? To add insult to injury today I read of Assemblyman Steve Katz’s arrest for marijuana possession. This is a man who staunchly opposed it’s use for medicinal purposes and yet he feels he is entitled by his position to use it recreationally. Being that he is on the Alcoholism & Drug Abuse committee, I’m quite confident he had a hypocritical hand in writing this erroneous piece of legislation.

  • Despperate

    After surviving cancer several times, but still having pain for herniated disks, my doctor referred me to a pain management doctor. There over 11 years ago, he prescribed a new medication which he promised would help. Oxycontin, after years of controlling my pain, working and leading a normal life, I started hearing the horrible stories of the medicine. Something that had cost me 2.00 a month in co-pay generic, had gone up to 119.00 a month plus the 35.00 co-pay for the doctor visit. Working in a bank, being a good mother & wife, how could I explain that I was an addict & could not stop from taking them. My doctor never explained the consequences or risks. Now I got sick again from something different, had two surgeries, spent 4 months in hospital, lost my job and will have no insurance by the end of April. I think it’s time to check myself out, as I am scared of more pains, and to explain to my family & friends that I am an addict. Hope someone can make a difference one day & change the laws to help the ones that really need it, the ones with health issues, cancer, etc… good-bye

  • Vicky Mark

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    • jane doe

      This is the most in humane thing that anyone can do to a person in tremendous pain. Our government can’t seam to get anything right and now this. It is going to be a total disaster. I have to have extensive dental work done and I will be prescribed Percocet. That sad part is I’m afraid someone will rob me for 18 percocets. There are going to be so many people in the E.R. because of withdrawals that patients that need to be seen because of being in an accident will not be treated there won’t be any time for that. It is all very simple. When a pharmasist fills perscriptions to the same person over and over why can’t they talk to the Dr. about what the patients problems are. If they are minute well common sense they are using or selling cut them off. But, do not cut my 76year grandmother off who truly needs her meds. I have no Idea what to do now. Not to mention I am scared to death if anyone knows she has any pain medicine that she will be robbed. I use to love this Country. If I could get out of here I would be gone tomorrow. As far as I’m concerned we have become a communist country. The Government thinks they have a problem now Just wait. You ain’t seen nothing yet. We will have more herion addicits then we have ever had. It is time we as Americans get something done about this. They don’t let dogs suffer but, by god don’t let humans have any pain medicine give them an advil. This truly sucks.

  • Vicky Mark

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  • Angelo

    I have chronic back pain, and am prescribed pain meds myself, and see how there’s going to be some bad times with prescriptions and doctors, I believe it will be all about control and money somewhere along the line, of course right?, but you know what, there is one prescription that never runs out or fails. We will have to endure cause of the wrong in the world, and its disgusting and unfair, but there is comfort with this prescription if you want it.

    I seen someone mentioned here and there throughout these comments……….. You want to know who it was?………Curious? The person mentioned was GOD. WE need more of God in the world, that’s the bottom and utmost true thing that we truly need. (in pain or not) People will mock, get mad, speak against, be negative, get stressed, get angry, be anti, (concerning me and what I have said.) but GOD is what the world needs more of. Having simple faith is a start.

  • dr hilton

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  • Melissa Graham

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    • Thanks for messing up my pain

      Melissa graham we are not talking about love spells. what the hell Tell your high priestess to give you a brain2!! I am not trying to be mean . But this is a real problem for a lot of people who really are in pain. We don’t need some off the wall person making comments like this.

  • Just Saying

    Ladies and gentleman I am here to tell you that the war on drugs has been lost.
    Now is the time to get it right. If the government’s only solution is to discipline doctors and take their licenses away for prescribing then we are all in big trouble.
    Now is the time for government to legalize it, tax it and control it. They could set up clinics with computer systems, identify drug abusers and offer them the help that they desperately need including rehab. As it stands now rehab it way too expensive. It will also probably be less expensive than have police officers spend more than 90% of their time working on drugs 24/7 and putting their lives on the line. What the government is doing now and has always been doing is putting a bandage on a gaping wound. Time to treat the wound don’t you think. So, what you need to do is stand up for your doctors. Go to Medical Boards, write letter, call the news media. You have a voice and you need to be heard. If not then mothers who have lost children will appear before then and only one side will be heard. Disciplining doctors when medical boards are appointed by the governor and who have an agenda is down right wrong. There is no fairness. So, you need to stand up and speak out. Or you can suffer. There is a solution and the solution is YOU. Each day that you prevaricate is a day that you suffer. Just saying…..

  • Okiti Spell

    Do you need a spell in your life

  • diahann

    Can you tell me when it was decided and how it was decided that our understanding of our medical knowledge that defines the human body in such so that the medical drs can diagnose n treat us humans?

  • Bige

    I have had to take OC 80 for ten years. I have had 7 back operations since. The last was doin good then I woke up one morning in the worst pain I have ever had. The surgin did a MRI and said my neves were balled up in aball at the bottom of my back and did not know of anything to do for it. I had to get a new pain management doctor an the first thing he did was cut my Meds in half. He said the more u Tahoe the worse u feal. Can anyone tell me what I can do?

  • Anonymous

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  • J L Ritter

    I want to sue the doctor who prescribed oxcy to my husband for 4 years with only a “wink & a nob” and never offered alternative pain management for him. All that doctor wanted was the insurance payment and never had any real concern for my husbands medical condition. Consequently, I suffered from my husbands abuse. I haven’t read too many comments where the doctor is to blame here as well. Who would give oxcy to anyone for this amount of time????

  • Painandmisery

    This one stop is fine but the problem is Urine Tests that are faulty at best. I have been in PM for 13 years with more metal in my legs than a robot plus back issues not to mention this all was made worse from a crazy surgeon that was allowed to lie and do a surgery on me. The hospital “magically” lost the records and I settled for chump change then the lawyer tried to rob me of what little I did receive.Okay so listen to your parents when they say be a Doctor or Lawyer because Gid knows a good one of either is a Saint when found!
    First off: The people that game the system already have this figured out
    Second: The kids in Staten Island are going to Heroin already, as a friend of the family just left for rehab for third time (first two for oxycodone; this time heroin and told me before they left its gotten cheaper on the Island!)

    Third: Urine tests are beaten by the abusers and sellers of their meds easily by taking the medicine a few days before or using other methods while legitimate schmucks in pain have no knowledge of that nor would they bother but a percentage of UA tests can show false positives for other drugs. Certain foods and OTC meds can cause this as well as manufacturing contamination that make other drugs can too (like the labels that say – made in plant where peanut or whatever was made) there is a 1% chance of that and recent studies where certain drugs are broken down differently in small percentages of people (so while not a common occurrence once it happens to a patient an air of guilt or worse can occur). Then there is the feeling of treating a patient and the feeling of being treated like a criminal or addict when they you are simply trying to live without massive pain. Nothing take away all the pain in most pain management patients.
    So yes the doctor shopping may be stopped but the gamers and riffraff will not!

  • Ed Benson

    I’m back after reading some more comments. Once again, we all make
    mistakes. I had just lost my entire family, my son of 39 years old, my mom (who died of cancer), my step-dad who was the greatest man on earth to me, my real father and my grandmother within’ a one and one-half year period. Perhaps
    I wasn’t all together, okay, I’ll accept that. I was unclear on what to do because I was going out of town for a couple months, and knowing my doctor wouldn’t give me twice as many, I went to another doctor. Why didn’t they tell me I was doing something wrong BEFORE I did it? But once again, I don’t feel one mistake is reason for serving what I feel is “life in prison.” For Christ sake, even criminals get out of jail. By the way, I don’t drink and have 15 years sobriety. However, at the same time, I have been diagnosed with severe scoliosis … curvature of my spine and I have lost three inches of my height due to it. I had a rotating x-ray done to confirm this. I have been rejected by half a dozen doctors. The Emergency Room explained what the problem was, that my record showed me going to two doctors at the same time. How can I get of this dang probation? It’s been over eight years now.

    In addition, I have a lifelong history of crippling panic attacks. My doctor used to give me 1 mg. Xanax which kept me from having panic attacks and subdued them when I was having them. This is confirmed by 40 years of doctor’s
    records. Yet, I made one bad decision when I had movers that insisted I pay them with Norco instead of money; they wouldn’t have it any other way. My paid
    is so bad, I once passed out in the front room and wasn’t found for a week. I’m very lucky to be alive when a doctor saved my life.

    I need these mediations. I know many people I Alcoholics Anonymous who take pain medications, many of which use them as a substitute for quitting their drinking – a new high. I see people who have NO PAIN AT ALL getting these medications and moreover SELLING THEM ON THE STREETS. This law is creating a “black market” complicated by astronomical pricing of $4.00 for one
    Norco. This is wrong. We are human beings. Show me a human being that hasn’t made a mistake? If you contest this you must think you are just one perfect person and never make a mistake. I’m sorry, but I don’t think you exist and if you do, I’m sure you have issues you don’t see, but are quite evident to others.

    This law is wrong. To get so much into people’s personal lives that it affects their ability to complete tasks’ like shopping, walking, and getting normal doctor treatment and MOREOVER creating an illegal underground market of drug dealing is wrong. If you have a solution, I’d like to hear it cause I don’t feel I deserve this much punishment. I can understand a three year prohibition or something but don’t make me serve a life prison term because I’m a human being … prone to mistakes just as every other human being is.

  • thanks to priest Hallifat

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    Thanks! ~ Jared, United States, Long Beach, California

  • Jessica

    This is just ANOTHER failing attempt of our government, Since when did any of those government people really truly ever give a crap about peoples well-being or health? It is now 2013 and we have already seen the wrath of these new laws do NOTHING but hurt real pain afflicted patients, the addicts will get what they need, somehow, they always do, they go to the streets, & they prevail…..but our real people that are inflicted with chronic pain suffer, our disabled people now have to go through extreme meatures to get medicine!! …which in turn causes stress, which exacerbates pain immensely….Why is it anyones business if a human being wants to take medicine anyway? Or even abuse it? It was put on Gods green earth for a reason, chemically or by nature, they aren’t hurting you…so leave it alone, a person who is an “addict” will stop abusing drugs when THEY are ready, forcing never works, infact it makes it worse……..
    I don’t get it….go after the terrorists and leave people who take oxycodone alone! GEEZ

  • screwed by ny

    does this mean the Cuomo will reimburse me for my monthly travel expenses and copays to see my doctor now? Not likely.

  • stacey Bruno

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  • Emiliano Babarah

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  • fishman

    why dont you require an electronic prescription which goes directly to the Pharmacy instead of a patient having to continually take off work just to see their Physician for a script. The state needs to take into account chronic pain sufferers NOT drug users. Again the state implements thinking they know whats best without consulting people who are on the medication long term for pain management. I certainly would not go into a manufacturing firm consulting without first holding meetings with stakeholders especially those who may be affected by my decisions. The state is clueless since they who work in the state have the power to do as they please w/o fear of arrest like our wonderful past Attorney General. I know for a fact many state higher ups take drugs and use them daily. Maybe its those people you should be targeting not chronic suffers of pain. When you begin allowing prescriptions of triplicates to be sent to the Pharmacy via electronic version, you now have a paper trail, a record and a more immediate safer way to dispense. No more hand written prescription which cause all the issues in the first place. Stop the written prescriptions and youll STOP the abuse, or maybe you really dont want to stop it cause you take them.

  • It’s Just Not Right

    How can you fight this?

  • Kev

    So the big becoming socialist communist government as we see of the USA is taking control over the people. They want to lower the acetaminophen in Percocet and vicodins? What are the people going to do when they get prescribed a 10 mg hydrocdone/oxcycodone with lower tylenol? They are just going to buy tylenol to make up for what “Big brother” is taking away from the people who are suffering from real chronic to severe pain. Drug dealers have a will and a way and will only profit from this due to a lot of quacks who prescribe anything to so called patients who aren’t in pain. Many people get Oxycontin, sell it because it has a high value and then buy heroin which is much cheaper.

    Are you serious? Cracking down on hydrocdone and generic percocets? Yes they are scheduled as “can be abusive”.

    Dr’s need to do mri’s on patients, they know who the real ones are that are in pain and do not abuse their medication. This country has gone to hell. Just like this good o USA Big Government trying to ban guns from law abiding citizens so they can’t defend themselves against thugs with guns.

  • Wayne

    Why pick on people who have never have broken the law and desperately need class II drugs to live a reasonably good life. I have suffered from an accident and there is no operation that will stop my chronic pain. A reduction in medication will probably mean a greatly reduced life span, lots of Hospital bills that could be avoided, and a miserable remainder of my life! Why does the Attorney General think that he knows how bad I hurt? The answer is simple, he has no idea but my pain specialists does. How can Government act like they are the all knowing when they put such crazy regulations in effect as this! I have tried lesser drugs with out any success other than losing most of my teeth from the side effects of the lesser drugs! I wish the A.G. would give a little more thought to this idea before he acts. He is condemning suffering patients to a shorter unproductive, and expensive life of agony.
    Why take it out on the pain patient? Are criminals too dangerous to go after?


    Well, sort of but not much of it just at times 3 to 4 days after this is only at a times when it sort of killed me and i was still at it and i stil


    Okay i was a walking zombie and could not walk or think sort of

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  • gregg kolaski

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    witnessed,so after I finally wake up six hours I was under the knife,i was told Gregg I did the best I could to save that right arm of yours,consider yourself lucky today…I said really,i had 99 staples holding my arm together,such a large,wicked scar horrible,but hey its better than having no arm at all,god I could not even imagine life like that with only one arm…they put a Bledsoe on me a big ass metal brace jeez now I was looking like Robocop…haha now to my serious situation I was getting prescribed oxycodone 120 30 mgs for 4 years well I was moving from jersey back to philly recently,so I was looking to get a new doctor bc I was sure enough that I wasn’t going to be driving from philly all the way to north jersey in Rutherford…so heres my problem my doc that I was seeing gave me my reg prescription on jan 10th I believe and my new doc gave me an appt on jan 23rd and the new doc put me on the same shit oxycodone 120 30 mg…now im far from a drug addict or shopper,seller,whatever,i have a family and work my ass off for a living…do you guys think that im in trouble over this?now take note that I had my old doc from jersey and filled it in jersey,then when I moved back to philly recently I just went to my new doc and went to philly in city to get my other filled,so now im done going to the jersey doc,bc my new doc in philly is 5 mins from my house so convienent,no need to drive 2 hours to see my old doc when I have new one….so am going to have like this big major problem on my hands?it will never ever ever happen again,i don’t want to have any problems or headaches,i really don’t know what to do or if I should even do anything?i am just getting a lot of different answers from people,i wasn’t trying to break any law by any means,i just figured I was fine bc of the move and switch and it was two weeks apart…I just had a little boy the last thing I want to hear is that I broke law and could get locked up,now im like stressing over this silly shit,when I have nothing but all legit records,mris,pharmacy records,notes,etc… im not no doctor shopper but they don’t care what the hell I say it don’t matter,basically if it came down to it,you have 0000000 say,everyone knows how that works,but I just wish I knew exactly how to handle this type of situation,i was never in something that was like border line law breaking,i just assumed that now I can just see my new doc and be done with my old doc…who knows what the dea would do or say,i just don’t want any problems with them,also I don’t want to lose my doc neither bc someone said that could happen,i get cut off,i really need them for the rest of my life,no one deserves to suffer with the pain I have for the rest of there lives,i could see like maybe if I had nothing wrong with me at all and I got two illegal scripts,then I would say yea im in trouble but I have all my paperwork and records,i just hope to god I didn’t screw anything up,now I have to worry about my baby,ughhhhhh thanks for anyones advice,it really helps and means a lot to me……….

  • Yahwah risin

    Addiction doesnt even exist . Its a lie. Lie lie. Thise bastards just use this false word. Its a compulsive behavioral problem. Not addiction. Its a word that rehabs and stuff useto make money andbelittle the working class and and the poor. While the fda oks all these artificial sweetners that cause cancerous tumors and they know it. They also kniw that all vitamin supplements caused All the animals hair to fall out in lab rats killed most tumors andso much more. But the FDA approves all these products that kill us everyday. And these moronic companies believe them. But god forbid simeone might enjoy there painkillers toomuch. Lets call them addicts. Thete way too happy and we cant have that. They totally ignore the poisons they feed us everyday and the long term effects of things we dont need a prescription for are KILLING US. ALL THESE PRESCRIPRION CRACK DOWNS ARE JUST A DIVERSION. peiple live in a world of liars and deception from authorities and expect them not to take thomgs to cope . Yea right. Just creatimg more crime. Lets look at long term effects of alcohol. Theyre a bunch of lying bastards. And im going to wake them all up . Do you own research. Youll find the truth about FDA. theu dont care about us.

  • em

    I have had over 20surgeries& this week I’m in screaming out of my mind Pain, and have no meds cuz my Dr will no longer write pain meds at his pain management practice in NYC, he’s scared. So who suffers cuz my Dr is a Pussy, I do.I say every pain patient in NYC should get together & sue .over this disgusting law that makes us suffer needlessly, ……any lawyers out there want to help us??

  • Mr Anderson

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