When Hate Comes To Town: Share Your Story with MetroFocus

September 22, 2011 4:54 PM


Do you have a personal story that illustrates an experience with hate or intolerance because of your race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, disability or sexual identity? What happened? What did you learn? What advice/solutions do you have? The editors of MetroFocus and Voices of NY want to hear from you.

We will respond to submissions that may be fit for publication on MetroFocus and Voices of NY.

See submission guidelines below.

Stand up, speak out and share your personal experience.

How to Enter:

  • Stories must be 500-800 words
  • You can email us your story (no attachments) or use the form below to submit your story through Facebook


  • Stories must be true, with no invented situations or composite characters.
  • Do not submit stories to which you do not have the rights — for example, those that have been published elsewhere.
  • We will respond to those submissions that may be fit for publication.
  • Submissions are subject to the terms and conditions of the Interactive Engagement Group and WNET for user generated content.

    • Bonnie

      This happened years ago in South Chicago, then a white neighborhood . An older woman, the only African-American on the bus asked the driver and riders how many stops there were before her stop. No one paid attention to her, including the driver. As I exited, I gave her the information. Three people got off the bus with me and bombarded me with “nigger-lover”,’ race-traitor’, bitch, etc. I still remember how uncertain I felt as I waited for the light to change so I could cross the street. They were so angry, and I wasn’t sure that yelling at me would be enough for them. They didn’t follow me, but I haven’t forgotten the tone of their voices and the unadulterated rage on their faces. For about 10-15 minutes, I was in the place of the woman on the bus. This kind of hate runs deep and, I fear, is still with us.

      • Fluffy

        Bonnie, isn’t it sad. I’m waiting for the older ones to die out because a few of their descendants are showing extreme promise of growing past that unspeakable and unadulterated hate.

        Thank you for sharing.

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