NYPD Launches Probe Into Pepper Spray Incident as New Video Surfaces

| September 28, 2011 5:40 PM video

The NYPD has launched an internal investigation into a now-notorious video of a police official pepper spraying a crowd of Wall Street protesters, Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Wednesday.

His announcement, made at an unrelated press conference, came as a new video emerged of the same officer apparently spraying a second group of people during the protest, which occurred on Saturday near Union Square.

Chelsea Elliott, 25, dropped to her knees in tears while standing on the sidewalk on East 12th Street during a protest against economic equality. Police sources said that Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna is responsible for using the pepper spray on demonstrators. MetroFocus/Sam Lewis

Kelly said the Civilian Complaint Review Board, which investigates reports of excessive force by the NYPD, is also looking into the incident.

Police sources said Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna was the officer caught on video apparently pepper spraying protesters on a sidewalk during a Saturday demonstration near Union Square Park in which 80 protesters were arrested for marching without a permit.

Several protesters were penned in with orange netting, when Bologna appears to walk up and pepper spray several women.

A separate video was published Wednesday by Daily Kos of a second incident during the protest in which a white-shirted officer who looks like Bologna walks up to people on a sidewalk — including one person wearing press credentials — and sprays in their direction before walking away.

The NYPD did not respond to requests for comment on the second video.

But Kelly condemned the decision by some protesters to release Bologna’s name, as well as his personal information, as a “terrible practice.”

Occupy Wall Street, the group that has been organizing the protests Downtown, released Bologna’s name. The hacker group Anonymous, which has been tied to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, released Bologna’s home address and information about his children.

“Putting the names of children, or where children go to school — that is inappropriate,” Kelly said Wednesday.

Kelly added that were was “tumultuous conduct” on the part of the Saturday protesters, saying they were intent on blocking traffic.

An NYPD spokesman said previously that the police used pepper spray “sparingly.”


Video of the young female protesters against whom MetroFocus reporter John Farley saw the police use pepper sprayThe headlines for this video was chosen by YouTube. Youtube/TheOther99Percent.

Read the full post at DNAinfo.

  • N. Jenkins

    Its obvious to me that the two police officers closest to our camera view are appalled at the behavior of the police officer in question.
    Two sad things about the nature of this siutation are this:
    The police have a job to do.. to keep riot act non existant. New York is not exactly known for its level headedness and these cops have GOT to be nervous. They are in this with us. We are all the other 98%. Its a shame that one officer decided to use excessive force because the police force are not exempt from riot behavior themselves.. as shown above. Trust is so important and we dont practice it. Perhaps a refresher course in Psychology 101.
    Sencondly, We the people need to be subjective to PEACEFUL protest. I know its really difficult, we’ve lost the art of protest and I’m so damn proud to say this is my generation making a comeback- Go Gen X – But please brothers and sisters.. work with the cops. We’re doing this to stand together as a nation.
    There are never easy answers but now we need to stand up for starving women and children in our country and we should do everything we can – including submission to basic rules of conduct.

  • andrew

    Ban US Corporations and companies who are shipping jobs to oversea. Create jobs in here (USA) , not in oversea. Minimum wage is $ 10 per hour and home rent is $ 400 for 2 people , $500 for 3 people . Tax is 30% for rich people who are making between $ 300000 and 1 million per year . Tax is 40 % for rich people who are making over 1 million per year. Tax is only 5 % for people who are making under $ 50000 per year.

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