Hurricane Irene Not Yet History in New Jersey, Upstate New York

| August 31, 2011 11:17 AM | Updated: Sept. 1, 10:53 AM

A restaurant in Paterson, N.J. flooded by the overflowing Passaic River on Aug. 30. On Wednesday, federal officials will survey the damage in New Jersey. AP/Julio Cortez.

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama declared a disaster area in New York, allowing upstate communities reeling from the wrath of Tropical Storm Irene to receive federal emergency funds. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the damage to the state topped $1 billion.

Later in the day, New Jersey — where some of the worst flooding continues in the northern parts of the state — was also declared a disaster area.

On Thursday, Obama will visit Paterson to inspect the damage.

As New Jersey awaited help from the feds, local governments in New York counties from Westchester to Schoharie that were newly eligible for federal funds prepared to request money to rebuild. New York City may have been spared significant damages, but parts of Long Island and upstate New York — particularly in the nearly destroyed town of Prattsville — are reeling from about $1 billion in damages caused by the storm, reported Democrat and Chronicle. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said damage to New York’s farms may amount to $45 million.

Areas of Eastern Connecticut were also hit hard by Irene. Like New York, a great deal of the major flooding has subsided, though the damage remains — most pressingly in the form of power outages. About 300,000 Connecticut residents are still without electricity, reported the Courant. Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy hopes to reduce that number to 100,000 by Saturday, but the total cost of turning the power back on could cost the state $75 million. On Monday, Malloy took an aerial survey of the state with federal officials, hoping to garner more assistance, reported the Bulletin.

While New York and Connecticut are shifting efforts toward rebuilding and getting the lights on, in some parts of Northern New Jersey, where the Passaic River crested Tuesday night, the focus is still on rescuing people from floods and dealing with thousands of residents living in evacuation shelters.

Seven people have been killed in New Jersey. Approximately 10,000 people in Bergen County have been evacuated and 2,000 in Passaic County, reported the Record. Damage to infrastructure across the state has made relief efforts difficult. Thirty-two roads remained closed,  300,000 people were still without power and 1,300 people are being housed in evacuation shelters as of Tuesday evening, reported CNN.

The most heavily flooded areas, which include Paterson, Wayne, Fair Lawn, Little Falls, Woodland Park and Pompton Lakes, were hit hard when the Passaic River — already high from recent heavy rain — overflowed to the highest point in a century on Tuesday, reported the Record.

Currently, the central focus of state officials is on Paterson, where 4,000 residents were evacuated on Tuesday. All bridges and exits into downtown Paterson are closed from Route 19 and Interstate 80, making it extremely difficult to leave the city by car.

On Tuesday, Christie cancelled a scheduled trip to Mississippi to tour his own state. After surveying the damage he called Irene “the worst of any of them I’ve seen,” reported the Star-Ledger. Christie then sent a letter to Obama asking for federal assistance, as Cuomo had done. Late Wednesday afternoon, the disaster declaration was signed for New Jersey, allowing residents of Bergen, Essex, Morris, Passaic and Somerset counties to apply for federal grants and loans to cover uninsured losses, reported the Record.

In order for FEMA to declare a state disaster area, the total cost of uninsured property losses must reach about $4.6 million, and there must $3.27 worth of damage per resident in each county, explained the Connecticut Post.

On Wednesday, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator Craig Fugate toured areas of New Jersey where flooding from Tropical Storm Irene continues to leave streets inaccessible, homes destroyed and thousands without power, reported the Record.

The problem is that FEMA only has $800 million left for disaster emergencies, and a major battle is occurring in D.C. between the Republican controlled House and Democrat controlled Senate over the funds. That could hamper the timeliness of federal action for future disasters, reported the Record.

House Republicans, led by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., want to cut federal funding elsewhere to cover the costs of the  hurricane aid, a measure that could threaten projects to rebuild infrastructure destroyed by disasters .

But Fugate said the funding crisis will not affect FEMA’s ability to provide aid to areas hurting from Irene. “We’re going to do what we’re supposed to do,” said Fugate, who added that FEMA “will work with the White House on funds needed to recover from this and other disasters.”

As the flood waters slip back into the rivers in New Jersey, the problem of limited FEMA funds and the outcome of the Congressional conflict could mean that efforts to rebuild infrastructure will be delayed — not only in New Jersey, but in New York and Connecticut — for some time.

  • henry hotlove

    Barry will not give NJ the funds, using the victims as a political tool to make a point about Christie. It will lead Christie torun for President and Barry will end up regretting the decision when he loses to Christie in 2012.

    • Joe Cool

      Really? A Barry comment when it’s the ding-dong nutbag friends of Christie in DC (Cantor, et. al.) that are holding disaster funds hostage for their own political insanity?!
      Go figure…and take heed of @GaryGnu’s astute observation and suck it up with that small gov’t y’all wanted! Hypocrite, and obviously not too bright!

    • Christie is a dirtbag

      Christie will not run for President in 2012. His next gig will be to replace Mike Myers in the role of “Fat Bastard” in the next Austin Powers movie. Christie will not need a fat suit or any make-up, as he already is a fat bastard!

      • jesus cristos

        You have a great sense of humor. I wrote something similar to the Huffington
        Post but they censored it.
        Christie is a bully and if there ever were a person who fits the term “bully
        pulpit”, he wins hands down.
        Kudos to you for your brave comment.

        • What

          Brave comment? They didn’t use their real name. Love how he’s a bully when it’s exactly the tough love you liberals hate to hear.

          • toughlovelmao

            Yeah, tough love…..wheres that tough love for christies diet? Was it tough love when he tried to make us pay for a helicopter ride to his sons baseball game?

          • rh

            right…. when previous democratic nj governors spent much more than that on personal trips in a shorter period of time…. sure makes your comment so unbiased.

        • Jack Straw

          “You have a great sense of humor, and kudos to you for your brave comment.” Joking about Christie’s girth and calling him a dirtbag is original humor? And it’s “brave” to leave an anonymous political rant on an internet bulletin board? You’re a pair of dumb liberals congratulating each other for stupidity and vulgarity. Don’t you realize that demonstrating stupidity actually deflates your position and causes people to agree with the other side?
          Before dismissing school here: “Bully pulpit” was coined by T Roosevelt at a time when the word “bully” actually meant “excellent”. That’s how TR meant it. It had nothing to do with the “schoolyard bully” sense of the word.
          Go get an education.

      • dennis

        and in the remake of ”DUMB AND DUMMER” will you play dumb or will you be dummer!

    • HELENE

      Who is Barry?

    • RonO

      That is too funny. You really think the rest of the nation is stupid enough to vote for Christie? NJ learned it’s lesson, this one-term governor is washed up.

      • Mike L.

        One term washed up Governor like Corzine? or a disgraced NJ Governor like McGreevey? Christie took over as Governor of NJ with ridiculous deficits brought on by the Democrats in NJ. Corzine, Lautenberg and Menendez. Is Christie a bit forward? Yes he is. It’s about time people tell the truth and don’t lie. He’s a breath of fresh air. this article is about the Hurricane and he did a phenominal job with the hurricane as did Governor Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg. If you want to see a bad job with the hurricane check out the idiots known as Mayor Ray Negon and Governor Kathleen Blanco with Katrina. (oh and yes they where Democrats but I thought that was obvious)

  • edward culleny

    christie has nothing to worry about. he has done a fantastic job with irene and caring for nj. itsabout time someone in politics woke up and did something right!!!!!

  • Somerset Sam

    NJ must spend getting funds from FED on infrastructure development like dredging river beds, widening canals, building parapet walls (walls on sides) at low lying areas, clean sewer systems (The sewer Dept in many counties are totally corrupt and mismanaged like the Passaic Valley sewer authority where many were fired by Gov. Christie for fraud) and improve ways in discharge of excess flood waters that occurs during a hurricane.

    Bound brook in NJ had seen many floods, FEMA $$ spent and back to the same scene in another hurricane. NJ State had wasted resources on remedies than solutions to major problems of flooding by overflowing rivers. Let us integrate all SEwere Dept, get rid of 50% Managers, administrators, Supervisors and other support staff, create a State Sewer & Flood relief Dept, by standardizing sewer taxes (which is 200% of water bill now) and spending it wisely in improving our river systems. Similarly dismantle the Toll system and introduce instead a wheel tax instead so all vehicle owners pay a falt fee saving 80% of current toll fees that go in wages and benefits of toll staff than improving roads and bridges. Instead of curing the ‘symptoms” let cure the cause of the problem.

    • AngD

      The problem with a flat fee is that there’s a lot of interstate travel through NJ. Companies would simply register their vehicles in another state to avoid paying the flat fee. Also, why should I pay a large fee for toll roads that I don’t travel? Part of the cost of tolls is administration – huge pensions, etc.

      • Somerset Sam

        AngD – if you take a casual look at the motor vehicles in NJ, thousands of them have out of State DMV plates, cheating on insurance (as NJ is one of highest in US) and are using them here. 80% of toll collections are spent in wages, perks, benefits and pensions. 10% is wasted in contracts (remember HOV lane concept brought years ago in NJ that failed and EZ pay system contract that costed NJ dearly) and ever rising toll fees. REcent hike was called by Gov. Chrisite as user fee though it is a toll fee hike. The USPS loss to taxpayer this year is $12billion and even if postage goes up to $1.00 from current 0.44C, USPS will still make loss. Web based systems (email to evite to ebay) have destroyed USPS revenue. Flat fees help contain cost and funds could be better used for development. Those who live in high rise on 1st or 2nd floor also pay maintenance fee that goes in elevator upkeep..right.? productive use of $$ will help improve services. Drive around NJ and you will see every median or ramp along 80/287 /GSP /78/22 looks ugly with no maintenance by Counties. Similarly overflow from Husdon and Delaware river that pass through NJ impacts our flood water level though these rivers originate in neighbor States. What we need is a open conduit large enough to carry excess flood and rain waters to Atlantic Ocean so homes could be saved.

        • GaryGanu

          The USPS doesn’t operate on taxpayer money Somerset Sam.

          • Somerset Sam

            I know. It is fed by FED, that comes out of Federal taxes paid by people. Do you know, before 1913 there were no taxes in America and our 16th amendment brought Govt control on people’s money and income. Even today the Arab Kingdoms have no income or sales taxes. Yet, they provide FREE health care to all including expatriates who work there through their employers. You and I paid tax but GE did not. Unless our Govt makes education and healthcare affordable to current and future generations and tax exempt small businesses, I am afraid we will be in worse in 2012 and beyond. As US$ is still the World Reserve Currency, FED is lucky to “print” them as much as they want. It is a matter of time before that privilege ends. Currently Europe’s economy is worse than ours and so we are standing higher. When Euro returns..?!

  • GaryGanu

    I love how small government Christie is asking for federal funding from big government Washington. What a hypocrite! People take government for granted until they need something.

  • mike campbell

    Governor Christie did a remarkable job in preventing more people from getting hurt. I commend the efforts of everyone that participated in this major even.

  • Tony Vee

    Sorry. No federal monies for republitard governors or Congresscretins like Cantor. Cannot have it both ways. Jerseyans voted for Christie and his “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and stop depending on the evils of federal govt” rhetoric. Now let them see what this kind of ethic means in practice. For dems and indies who didn’t vote for Chris “Ham Sammich” Christie, or those who sat the last election out, you have yourselves to blame too for not doing more to keep this dangerous and hypocritical maniac away from the levers of power. You reap what you sow.

    • GaryGanu

      Here, here Tony Vee!

    • henry hotlove

      nice argument, however you are wrong. The FEMA money comes from the taxpayers (not government) and the taxpayers/citizens of NJ are just as deserving as anybody else. Doesn’t matter if the system stinks or who their leaders are. Only libs play politics with disasters and crisis: remember what Rahm said.

      • Tony Vee

        Yes Henry. I know that tax money is from (and available to) all taxpayers. My point is just that these teabaggers love to decry the “evil soshulistic, communizms” of the federal govt but then they always have their hands out for federal monies. Just once, I would love to see them practice what they actually preach. Demonizing federal govt may win low information voters during election years. But their caustic effect on the ability of the government to properly function does our nation a grave disservice. NJ notwithstanding, Red States full of conservative voters categorically take in more in federal money than they pay into the system in taxes. Whereas Blue States largely contribute more than a dollar for every dollar they take in federal monies. Yet we still have to listen to these idiots denigrate govt. I say, let them taste their own medicine. Of course that won’t happen. I would just point out that the end state of the republican plan is a social system as is on display in today’s Rwanda.

        • henry hotlove

          Govenrment is inept and usually incompetent (see: post office, medi care/caid, SS, stimulus, welfare, cash for clunkers, mortgage relief, congress, the fed, et al). The sooner people stop looking to mother government for answers to everything the better off we will all be.

          • Larry Tutone

            Governer Christie is a perfect example of inept and incompetent. Where’s the property tax relief he’s been promising for the past 3 years? Don’t tell me it “takes time”. My property taxes went up more this year than the past two. Whatever he is doing is resulting in higher taxes. Tony is right, he’s a hypocritical maniac.

          • sigh

            Really? Its incompetent? What world are you living in? Our entire infrastructure was built by government means, whether hiring workers or using private companies. We have everything we have today because of a mix of government and private corporations. The only incompetent people are the retarded republicans being hypocrits, a handful of dumbass pussy democrats, and corruption every once and awhile.

            If you think the government is usually incompetent, then move to some third world country that lacks government.

  • Edward Abbey

    I’m still shocked Chris Christie wasn’t on vacation in Florida when Hurricane Irene hit. “Family comes first!”

    • dennis

      No, ovomit was on vacation as usual, but then again isn’t that what the vacationer-in-chief does best ?

  • SickofSameOld

    I’m with SomersetSam…mismanaged waterways jeapordize the citizens of communities downstream and rob our state of business revenue due to closed Highways (8 days this year for 4 floods on Routes 46 and 23). Had we gotten another few inches instead of 1/3 of Pequannock being flooded, 90% would have sustained damage. Which leads to the question of how close were we to a dam breaking? I knew hundreds who died in the 1977 flood of Johnstown because of Army Corps’ failed calculations and Water Company corruption (mismanaged dams). Dredge the silt and plant matter away, keep the waterways clear, and let communities monitor dam levels, not those who stand to profit!

  • Al

    So, NY is the disaster area, while Big Wig ( AKA scumbags) in the Federal Goverment need to TOUR the disaster area in NJ time and again to verify that HELP is really needed. Just watch the F***** news broadcast from NJ, and save taxpayers another million dollars, which will be wasted on this trip!!!!

  • jb

    Its sad that this has become a political issue. People forget: government is not a business, politicians are not (supposed to be) executives in a business. Government is a public SERVICE. Politicians are (supposed to be) public SERVANTS. Taxpayers put money into the government so it can be spend serving them. For politicians on either side, Democrats and Republicans, Conservatives and Liberals: please remember that your actual job is to serve the public.

    I don’t expect federal and state government to come and make things just like they were before the storm. But, please, help us out here. Stop fighting, and allow FEMA to do what they are supposed to do, what they are trying to do, and what they have been doing very well across the country this year. Allow FEMA to manage emergencies.

    • sigh

      Majority of democrats know its their job, the problem is republicans dont. They think its their job to tell us to do it ourselves and etc. Well, love to see christie asking for funding. Fuck him, why doesnt he ask the millionaires he gave breaks to for money.

  • Peter

    Looks to me that GOD has provided the employment that the GOP tax breaks could not.
    The neglected infrastructure and needed housing rehabilitation will now proceed before the rebuilding of IRAQ

  • hf

    It’s Farirfield, not Fair Lawn.

  • Somerset Sam

    Let us revamp NJ State from a Govt goliath to People’s Govt..! Let NJ Governor Chris Christie lead the way..! Unlike previous Gov. Corzine (Wall St Exe), Chris will do better.
    Hope Gov. Chris Christie reads my posting:
    NJ has 21 Counties, 566 Municipalities, 250 boroughs, 245 Townships, 52 Cities, 15 Towns and 4 Villages. I found this in a NJ data website. Just imagine the duplication of services (Administartive, clerical, engineeriing, legal, law enforcement, education, misc) and with the decline in home construction (permits, fees loss), home foreclosures (tax loss) to business loss (sales tax loss), Counties are struggling with dwindled revenue like States. Eliminating State /local Govt employees is NOT the solution. Waht we need is a major “restructure” in governance of State /Local Govt. if you spend $1 to mint a dime, you are not fit to be a Treasury Secy.

    NJ has 14 major rivers, 5 major lakes and reservoirs and overstaffed water /Sewer Depts. Most of our taxes burn up in wages, benefits and pensions of these goliath Govt Depts. Unions add their share of pain to home owners and NJ is most densely populated State in USA. What we really need is 1/3 of these army of Govt Depts to function better.
    We will be better off with 7 Counties, 100 Municipalities, 200 Cities(eliminate boroughs and townships) and villages if any. This woudl save millions of $$, reduce duplication of services, improve efficiency and reduce corruption and abuse of funds. Our national debt and trade deficit is worse than Hurricane Irene damage. 200 US banks go belly up every year. We are squandering billions in war leaving USA to fiancial shambles. It is time to take a step back and take BOLD measures to prevent a financial diaster like Irene.

    • jb

      You are quite correct about the number of municipalities in NJ. Its part of why our property tax is so high. It would be good to reduce the number of small townships, towns, villages, etc. Perhaps merge some of the smaller ones.

  • rtoney

    N Y is a democrat state N J has a Republican Govenor. Need I say more?

  • Nunna yerbinz

    gary ganu–OK fair enough, how about in trade-off: those of us who didn’t vote for Preznit TrickBaby and don’t want obamacare, the “individual mandate” or any of the other myriad regulations, “fees”, fines and taxes; er, “revenue generation” this regime has foisted on the private sector; get to opt out?

  • C&J

    NEW JERSEY was hit very hard with Irene ,,,,,,,maybe our PRESIDENT should come for a visit here ,,,,,,,,,, Christie has shown all of us, how he cares about NJ . In an area like this, when massive trees fall, it isn’t like when areas get hit with falling Palm Trees ,,, The destruction here is awful and the flooding and people homeless is like never before .
    I hope NJ gets some HELP ………….

  • Peter

    A fifth grader can understand that the collective risk is smaller for each of US.
    To disband FEMA because the BUSH administration couldn’t be bothered with US is foolish.

  • rob gordon

    NJ ranks nearly last in Federal Dollars tax received vs dollars returned to nj from the feds.

    The problem isn’t christie. its lautenberg and menendez.


    What about Stony Brook on Hollow Rd where inept LIPA restored electricity for a few hours WITHOUT first checking the safety in the streets. Huge trees are still there and dangerous wires hanging. A fire broke out and burned a mailbox and a pole.

  • kevin

    Lets see the difference between this storm and the bilzzard of the winter is zChristie didn’t have to go away to get some sun. it wasn’t cold this time. You can say your for small goverment and say your not going to use federal funds to speed up train service from new york to new jersey which a lot of people use every day and then beg for federal assistance when your state get his by a natural disaster. Insurance companies call this a Act of God. Maybe Gov. christie can ask god for some help. Wonder what the answer will be. How about getting those rich repbulicans to come up with soem cash and ask the tea party too to help. Let’s see what the answer will be.

    • sigh

      He should ask the millionaires he gave tax breaks to for help.

  • Jennifer M. Genesi

    Hurricaine Irene did some job on long island. I live in Greenlawn, NY Huntington,
    we got hit pretty badly. On our street 42 Aster/ coyler, our neighbors tree, literelly came up from the ground, it is still lying there, and no one has come yet to help clean it up. Also in the surrounding area, on butterfield, a large tree fell on someones home/ just barely hitting, their home. then also on aster street a few homes, dwon from us, another large tree, from what I saw, almost hit their home. I did see, some company trying to clean it up yesterday/ and or MOnday.
    For some reason, we had power the entire, time, which I did not comprehend, because when there are no storms, whatso ever, we loose power.

    I watched the strom from beginning, to end, the end was freaky, because, I saw it get really dark around 5:00 pm, until like 7:00 pm or so, then I saw the storm lift out of no where, like in the movies. Very freaky.
    Jennifer M. Genesi Long Island.

  • Jennifer M. Genesi

    One More thing, If possible, I am looking for a part time, job, possibly as a writer.
    Is anyone hiring out there? I do have a 17 month old daughter at home. But I am willing to work if possiblity arries.


  • Lawrence

    Dennis said that because the president was on vacation, created a problem. Such nonsense, Eric Cantor the republican leader said that any help given to people from the disaster must be off set by spending cuts. These people are not only crazy, but dangerous.

  • Somerset Sam

    Solutions to FLOODING problems in NJ…
    1. Eliminate local Govt run Sewer Authority /Water Dept and create (like DHS was created after 9/11) DWM (Dept of Water Management) as a State Dept. like DMV This DWM would manage water storage, distribution, sewerage, Dams, canals, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, flood control and flood disaster supervision.
    2. Integrate rivers in NJ in 4 Zones (North, Central, West and South); major rivers like Passaic, Raritan, Toms, Ramapo, Millstone that overflows need to be dredged /widened.
    3. Build new water conduits connecting few rivers in the region to handle overflow which would finally reach a reservooir or Atlantic Ocean.
    4. Reduce sewer tax to actual water bill (currently HO pay at 200%) and undertake cleaning of all neglected sewer systems by Counties
    5. Outsource sewer systems maintenance and fine vendors if found negligible
    6. Do not allow new construction in flood prone zones
    The overflowing of rivers in NJ is not new. It had happened before and it will happen again as the State was spending time and resources on ty measures (road closures, FEMA aid, declaring emergency) impacting businesses and commute. What we need is a permanent solution to flooding of homes /oads and directing overflow water more safely.

  • Toddco

    Putting aside all of the politics being slung back and forth. The damage to the entire Eastern Seaboard is horrible. There are hundreds of thousands of people without home right now. It isnt really anyones fault other than Mother Nature. It happens, Its nature, you can not change that. Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Volcanos, Forest Fires etc etc… Help is needed everywhere. Why hasnt some entertainment company come up with a Relief Concert, Telethon, or Donation Website like they did for New Orleans, or any foriegn countries that have experienced disaster?? We need help !!! Keep the politics for the elections!!!!!!!!

  • Nikynewark

    The hype and fear-mongering marches on. Paterson flooding? Nothing new there. My grand father was removed from a second floor by rowboat about 90 years ago! They even have a small museum dedicated to the Great Falls and floods. This goes on almost every year in Paterson, Lincoln Park and Wayne. There are things like the proposed and funded flood tunnel that never got built, dredging the rivers and streams and just cleaning the catch basins that would stop a lot of it. But we just seem to enjoy the nose-dive to third world status.

  • Richard Thornton

    Why does Christie want disaster relief money? I thought he was a tough guy Republican who does not need the Federal government intrusions? I thought it is every state for itself and everyman for himself? Isn’t that the code of Rush?

  • Al Motorola

    It’s very clear – NY Gov. Cuomo is a Democrat – NY state gets the declaration – fast. NJ Gov. is a Republican – NJ waits. (PS: I am a Democrat and I can call a spade a spade.) Trillions of dollars can bail out Wall Street and Detroit; however, the US residents are made to beg. Hopefully, this will be Pres. Obama’s “Waterloo” and the Republicans will pound it home to victory. Shame on you, Pres. Obama. Shame on you…

  • Richard Thornton

    Why does NJ need federal relief? Why should others who are not stupid enough to live in flood prone areas like Wayne, NJ help people who know that this flooding potential exists year after year? How many Republicans wanted to bail out the Katrina victims? Not many.

    • Al Motorola

      For the same reason we help people who live in NY City along the Hudson River and Upstate New York along the Mohawk River, etc. … Despite what you say, under Pres. Bush, millions of dollars were rushed to help people in Katrina, Rita and beyond. The people of NJ need help. Americans help people who need help now. We can argue about the finer points when people are safe and sound. How about the folks now in Vermont who need help? We help people in need and debate the points later for the future.

  • Dave K

    What about Manville, NJ. I know the Passaic River causes issues, but the town of Manville is just as notorios for these same issues. Maybe because the area is not as rich as those near the Passaic

  • Richard Thornton

    The problem is I am sick of being called “socialist”, “unamerican” , “leftie”, etc., and I am sick of the extremists on the Republican side who keep chanting, “we want to take our country back”, and referring to Obama as “Barry”, and “Obamanation”; you guys who voted for the teabaggers need to be consistent. If you don’t want socialism, then refuse socialism whenever and wherever it raises its ugly head, and that includes FEMA and that includes federal aid.

    • Jack Straw

      A Democrat who doesn’t like being called names, and doesn’t like the President being called names. And who values consistency and even-handedness. Now that’s a hot one. True, I can’t remember a single instance of that happening 2001-2008. GWB was treated with the utmost respect, and civil discourse was the rule.
      And the famed “tolerance” of the left extends to all people, so long as they agree with the orthodoxy…

  • Richard Thornton

    Hey Jack, you can call me any name you like, but if you want smaller government, then I guess you want a smaller FEMA as well, and perhaps no FEMA as my good friend Mr. Paul wants.

  • Robert C Gumbs

    Christie was one of those GOP Governors that was making so much noise with the rest of these GOP Office holders who were getting their jollies off denigrating the Big Federal Government – I wonder how much his tune will change, now that he is forced to be on the receiving end. However, he deserves some respect for eating his crow like a man. I know that he doesn’t wish to share a room in the Tea Party Nut House with that lunatic from Virginia- Eric Cantor-Congressman from Virginia. This more than anything Progressives could say reminds the American People – why we need a Big Federal government – we’re a big country, with huge issues to face. I wouldn’t wish to be a governor of New Jersey or any other state that has just been hit by a disastrous hurricane and know that I am going to have to get help to rebuild my state”s infrastructure and emergency health needs from a Federal government the same size it was in 1797. If anything the earthquake and Hurricane Irene show the need for a strong and competent Federal Government. And as we see the Federal Government through FEMA is doing an outstanding job – unlike the disaster of KATTRINA.

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