Mr. Dream: Short, Fast and Prickly

July 14, 2011 at 5:33 pm

Nick Sylvester, the founding writer of’s “Riff City” music column, plays drums in a band called Mr. Dream — described by current “Riff City” writer Jessica Suarez as “short, fast and prickly.” Suarez says Sylvester is in the vein of Chicago-based recording legend Steve Albini’s oeuvre.

Mr. Dream's will play 4Knots music festival at South Street Seaport on July 16. Photo courtesy of Mr. Dream.








Mr. Dream is scheduled to play the upcoming Village Voice-created 4Knots Music Festival — formerly Siren Music Festival — which puts him in an interesting position as a scandalized ex-Voice writer. Sylvester sat down with Suarez to discuss recording techniques, summer festivals and bosses.