Lorin Stein: A Resting Place for the Living or Dead

July 10, 2011 at 6:00 pm

The Old Marble Cemetery at 2nd Street and Second Avenue. Flickr/edenpictures

The first thing you notice about the Old Marble Cemetery — at least the first thing I noticed when I moved into the neighborhood — is the plaque marking the final resting place of one Preserved Fish, a Quaker merchant who made his fortune in, yes, whale oil. The oldest non-sectarian graveyard in New York City, it’s on 2nd Street, east of Second Ave. It’s open to the public during spring and summer months on certain days of the week, but I just like to peek in and get my fix of greenery.


Lorin Stein is the editor of The Paris Review and has lived in the East Village since 1996.

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