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2001-2003 Episodes -- enter below to see any of the features from season three of media matters
January 2003 April 2002 September 2001
Words of War Journalists Under Fire Bursting the Bubble
A Trip to the Blogosphere
"Words of War" explores the role of editorials and op-eds in the debate over U.S. policy on Iraq. Also in this episode, discover the street photography of Jeff Mermelstein and the phenomonon known as blogging.
Full-Court Press
Journalists report from Afghanistan despite limited access by the Pentagon. Follow two journalists as one covers big-time college basketball and the other reports for a Spanish-language newspaper.
Reckoning in York, PA
Were journalists skeptical enough in covering the tech-stock boom? A local newspaper's reporting leads to a murder indictment of the town's mayor. And the not-so-glamorous life of a rock critic.
Photo Story Voice of the Barrio Rock Around the Clock
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Jeff Mermelstein
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