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Carol Morello of The Washington POST.
Rear Adm. Craig Quigley, Dep. Asst. Secy. of Defense for Public Affairs.
Answer the questions below and submit your vote.


Suppose you are the editor of a newspaper. You learn that a secret U.S. plot to overthrow Iraq was a total failure. When you call a high administration official for confirmation of the story, he asks you not to print it as it would undermine American alliances in the region. The official who was your original source believes the public has a right to know. Do you report the plot to overthrow Iraq or hold the story?

Report the story.

Hold the story.


Military officials believe that news reports from the proposed military trials of prisoners captured from Osama bin Laden's terrorist network could reveal information that would hamper the war against terrorism. Others think that open and public trials are more consistent with America's values as a free nation. Should your newspaper demand that the trials be open to the press or should you go along with the government's proposal?

Demand open trials.

Go along with the government.