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Full-Court Press
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Eric Prisbell talking to a player.
Story in the Fresno BEE.

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How should journalists cover college sports?

Cover the games and the athletes' performance.

Investigate rules violations by players and the college programs.

Report on the impact of big money on college basketball.

Cover a variety of stories and themes related to the teams and the games.

You are a newspaper editor. The reporter covering college basketball for your paper discovers that the two stars of the top local team may have cheated on recent tests. If published now, just a week before the first game of the NCAA tournament, this story could disqualify the players, ruining the team's chances to win the national championship. How do you handle this information?

Run the story now. It is too important to wait.

Hold the story until after the tournament.

Inform school authorities so that they can investigate the charges. Run a story after the authorities investigate.

Ignore the story.