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photo of Stan Hough
DISPATCH editor Stan Hough.
photo of newspaper cover
A headline in York.

Welcome to the MEDIA MATTERS Online Poll. Please submit your answers and check back a few weeks from now. Once we've compiled the votes, our poll consultant will analyze and comment on the results. The questions below address some of the issues from the television program. In addition to these topics for viewers nationwide, your local PBS station might post questions relating to your community in particular.


You are the editor of a local newspaper, and you have assigned a reporter to research the race riots that occurred in the city during the late 1960s. Many prominent local figures complain that running a series on the riots will inflame racial tensions. What would you do?

Assign an additional reporter to the story.
Run the series as was initially planned.
Run the series, but scale it down in scope.
Do not run the series.

Do you think that race relations have improved in your city or town since the 1960s?

Yes - Race relations are much improved.
On the outside people are generally civil, but there are still invisible lines that divide us.
No - In all this time, not much has changed.
No - The situation has deteriorated.