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Greg Kot
The critic speaks.
Greg Kot checks out the scene.

Welcome to the MEDIA MATTERS Online Poll. Please submit your answers and check back a few weeks from now. Once we've compiled the votes, our poll consultant will analyze and comment on the results. The questions below address some of the issues from the television program. In addition to these topics for viewers nationwide, your local PBS station might post questions relating to your community in particular.


Of the following, what do you think rock bands care most about?

What the critics say.
What their most loyal fans say.
What the general public says (reflected by record sales).
As long as they're happy with their music, they don't pay attention to anyone else.

How would you describe your feelings about music critics?

They are a consistently invaluable source for introducing me to great music.
They can be helpful when I'm curious about finding something new.
I don't think they always know what they're talking about.
They are only music critics because they weren't good enough to be musicians.