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Educational Materials

In this section, MEDIA MATTERS enters the classroom with educational tools based on the series and online resources. You will find lesson plans complete with step-by-step classroom activities and printable organizers for students.

Bursting the Bubble
Turn your high school class into a group of media-savvy stock analysts! This lesson helps students understand the stock market in the context of the Internet boom of the 1990s. See the lesson plan ...

Reckoning in York, PA
As audience members of a talkshow, in this lesson plan, your students will argue, deliberate, and judge the facts of the 1969 race riots in York, PA. Open your classroom up to the controversies that enflamed this town while you explore the complicated history of the civil rights movement. See the lesson plan ...

Look here for more online educational materials when the next episode of MEDIA MATTERS reaches the airwaves. In the spring, you can also find PDF versions of the teacher's guide here.

Educators may also access classroom activities from previous episodes of MEDIA MATTERS here.