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Ben Model

New York, NY, United States

Believe it or not, my full-time job is being a silent film accompanist – I create and perform live musical scores on piano for theater organ for movies made before ...

carol simowitz

Rockville Centre NY

My story is very simple. I teach middle school science to eighth grade students, I am lucky enough to teach in a wonderful district where the students say thank you ...

william sabin


I was inspired by 13. In many ways since I was a young boy. You see our tv back then had only 13 channels . So I watched alot of ...

Dorothy Kerkowski

Hawley, PA, United States

I enjoy historical programming. In Downton Abbey, you can see the world changing in each character. WWI forces each level of the people in the Abbey to step outside the ...

Donna W.


When my godmother figured out that I could read at age 3, there was no doubt that Sesame Street, the Electric Company and ZOOM had been my teachers.

andrea orr

Debary, FL, United States

Cyberchase is an awesome show - an epic battle of good vs. evil. Its educational and adventurous.

Sara S.

Cyberchase has been such a huge part of my life. When I was little, I used to struggle so hard in math that I didn't want to do my homework ...

Jim Tosone

Washington Township, NJ 07676

Thirteen changed my life. In 1966, I happened across a broadcast of Andres Segovia conducting a classical guitar master class on Channel 13. I began taking lessons shortly afterward. Over ...

Charles W Artis

New York, NY, United States

As a child I grew up with SESEME STREET,THE ELECTRIC COMPANY ,In my teens, it was SOUL!But the biggest impact was when I chosen by Bill Moyers'producers to participate in a poetry ...

Debbie F

Middletown, NJ, United States

My earliest days living in our apartment in Bayonne…I would toddle to the TV, pull out the knob (yes, there were knobs AND dials on television sets back then), and ...

Bronwyn Skelley

I used to watch Cyberchase all the time as kid. I never liked math, but it gave me a greater appreciation and understanding. Now I am almost done my degree ...

Kellie S.

New York, NY, United States

When I was growing up in San Francisco, our public television station, KQED, would broadcast modern dance and I loved it. I think it was probably Twyla Tharp. I was ...

Melissa D.

As a teenager, I watched a series about the Suffragettes. It was the first and only time I had seen their story (hunger strikes, force feeding) depicted on televsion. This ...

Dina D.

It is because of Thirteen and Nature that I became an environmentalist, and started giving money not only to the environmentalist cause but to Thirteen as well -- to keep ...

David F.

American Experience and American Masters are great gateway programs that connects the generation who lived through those documented times with younger crowds and all the culture they weren't aware of. ...

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