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Join host Bill Baker as he explores the natural beauty and vibrant history of the Treasures in the Harbor. See the largest wildlife refuge on the Northeast, surf within view of the Empire State Building, and visit the once-forgotten burial ground that is America’s newest National Monument.

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  • Sal

    I’m not typically a “letter or review” writer. But after reviewing this wonderful piece of documentation I could not help but write. Especially in consideration of those that gave their time, and continue to do so. It is to their credit that we all enjoy the benefits of these open spaces and the knowledge to be gained from them. Words alone can not convey the sheer pleasure and history that I gained from the viewing of this program. I encourage all to do the same!
    Thank you to the many volunteers that have made this possible for us all to enjoy, and learn from.

    • Marcinema

      Glad you liked it . I did the videography, and saw several of the places for the first time. A hard job, but I’m proud of the results, under difficult conditions.

    • Marcinema

      I did the videography, and producer/director, Jim Brennan busted his butt to get it done. He did the job of 3 people, for barely the price of one. we were hoping this would spawn a series, but that hasn’t happened.
      Glad you enjoyed it. PBS loved it.

  • Donna Wade

    Well done!!!

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