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WATER — Waterfalls straddle two visitors on the steps of the Ancestral Libation Court. A man and boy speak on being inspired by this constant honoring of New York’s African forefathers through this element.

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  • Maxine

    These videos do an excellent job introducing the site and giving us a feel for what it would be like to visit. It’s definitely a site you have to experience in person though. So very informative and powerful.

  • Leslie Fields Cruz

    a great way to introduce people to the African Burial Ground and the need to make a visit. good job.

  • Marc

    I love New York City for its complex layers. I was unaware of this meeting place of our complicated and difficult history and the contemporary every day. This site and these videos offer a great and important opportunity to see our city and history in a new way.

  • George S.

    I had a chance to look at all of the clips and I have to first say WELL DONE! To pay homage to the enslaved Africans who played a pivotal role in building this great city is necessary and comes not a moment to soon. Visiting these grounds should be a required field trip for any and every student K-12 in NYC. The designation of the grounds as a national park not only signals a people receiving their proper respect, but it recognizes the civic minded people of today who would not let their ancestor’s legacy go unsung.


  • Emiliano Sanjur

    These clips really gathers the perspectives of many different kinds of people which is the intention of the this national monument to educate all walks of life about the significance of African culture and experience in the United States.