SoundBoy Cartagena


SoundBoy Cartagena and his 16-piece Spanglish Salsa HipHop Orchestra come out of Brooklyn — Bushwick, NY. Raised in his father’s passion for Salsa music and in the New York City streets of Hip-Hop, Sound mastered the art of mixing his …


Vivian Besada


With over 8 years of experience in fashion field, Vivian Besada is a emergent fashion designer in New York City. Born and raised in Uruguay, Vivian always knew that the success would come in another place. She made the move to …

mama y yo

Mauricio Beltre


This is the story about my mother Mercedes A. Reyes. It is not a dramatic or sensational story, It is a simple account of who I believe is one of those heroes and heroines who go unrecognized in the world …

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Henry Ordosgoitia



My name is Henry and I was born in the Bronx. My parents were from Colombia and Brooklyn via Puerto Rico. I grew up in the Bronx went to elementary and high school there and then graduated from St. John’s …

Pedrito Martínez


I grew up playing my main instrument, the Bata drum. I used to play a lot of religious ceremonies in Cuba that are still practiced in Cuba and here too (called “Santería” in Cuba and “Yoruba” in Africa). Here in …

Tony and Shelli Cortez


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Husband and wife, Tony and Shelli Cortez, speak with the Afrolatin@ Project about being Latinoamericano, Afrolatino and the Census. Tony recalls being in grade school and trying to find a box to check for his identity.

leslie Jimenez profile picture 1

Leslie Jimenez


I still remember the first time I rode the train. It was the 4, which is still not one of my favorites. I was new to the city, didn’t speak much English and wasn’t used to the awkwardness of the subway …

zarela martinez


I was born in Sonora, Mexico, and grew up on a cattle ranch. I was raised to triumph. When I was 8 years old my mother told me that she had named me Zarela because it would look good in …

Tania Molina


Tania Molina, is the co-founder of the 1st Afrolatino Festival of New York in Brooklyn, NY. She was born in Honduras and is of Garifuna descent. She spoke with Proyecto Afrolatin@ / The Afrolatin@ Project about the history of Garifuna …


Carlos Giron


I fell in love with books at the age of 8 when my grandmother gave me “Las Aventuras de Tarzan,” a complete collection of more than 20 stories about the “King of the Apes.” My love for reading evolved into …

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