Gil Medina


My family left Puerto Rico in pursuit of economic opportunity. The first in my family to move to Camden, New Jersey, was my uncle who came to work at the Campbell Soup Company. Campbell Soup had a weight requirement and …

graciela ramirez


Mi nombre es Graciela Ramírez, naci el 14 julio de 1969 en un pueblo llamado el Paraíso municipio de ursulo Galvan, Veracruz, Mexico. Llegue a este país en el ano 2002 fue mi primera vez que vine con mi ex …


Fidel Garcia


I was born in New York of Cuban immigrants. My earliest memories are all Latino, from having a stay-at-home mom to living in the same apartment building as my grandparents and several other relatives. I only learned English upon admission …

William Nazaret


My name is William Nazaret, I have lived in the NY/NJ area for over 30 years. Currently, I am an entrepreneur turned angel investor out of my desire to help young entrepreneurs emulate my life success story.  I was born …

Maria Bárbara Rondón


An uplifting and courageous glimpse into a young Latino woman with Down syndrome and her daily struggles. Exploring simple complexities of the everyday, María Barbara takes us into the deep recesses of her heart, finding meaning in what most of …

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