340 Shrewsbury avenue,red Bank, NJ

Father Rafael Melendez


INVITACION A LA COMUNIDAD LATINA DE NUEVA JERSEY Por la Gracia de Dios y con la Bendicion del Patriarcado Ortodoxo Griego de Constantinopla, la Capilla Catolica Ortodoxa de la Santa Madre de Dios, localizada en el 340 de Shrewsbury Avenue, …

Yobanka Nunez


I remember my childhood vividly while living in Guayaqui, Ecuador. I remember the singing of the crickets at night, the smell of yerba Buena and the Boleros in the background. I was maybe five at the time and also remember …

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Eric Cortes


I was born and raised by Colombian parents in Plainfield, NJ, not really understanding what it meant to be a Latino. I moved to Philadelphia, PA, to attend Temple University where I was exposed to Latino culture, made my first …


Ermelinda Rivera


I was born in NYC in 1963. My parents had both, separately, moved from Puerto Rico to NY in search of employment and a better life in these Estados Unidos. They fell in love and were married in Brooklyn the …


Rosario D'Rivera


Rosario D’Rivera…Cuban….born there, raised in the Bronx, moved to Jersey at 18…..asi que nadie me puede ‘hacer cuentos’…jajajaja….I love my heritage, I love being Cuban, but I can only stay in Miami for the very most, 2 weeks…and that’s on …

Jennifer Pimentel


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My father’s family came from the Azores, and he met my mother in high school in Fall River, Massachusetts. In Massachusetts, they know what Portuguese is. (Not that they’re not racist–just 3 years ago, I met a prominent member of …

Elba Herrero


In 1978 I began my teaching career in New York City within a program known as “Studio in a School.” The purpose of the program is to bring professional artists into public schools, childcare centers, and community organizations to encourage …

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Juanita Ayala Vargas


My father, mother, two brothers and I came to the NYC December 1, 1970, from warm Cali, Colombia to a snow storm in NYC. At the age of five I was the only English-speaking member of my family. I am …


Louis Queralt



As a Nuyorican, I was always proud of my tropical background from my mother’s side, as she was born in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. I was surprised when I went to Spain and especially Valencia, Spain, where my father …


Margarita Aguilar


My family came to the United States in 1962—all of us arrived at different points during that fateful year. My older brother and I, just two little kids, arrived in Miami by ourselves in January only to be sent to …

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