Aaron Trujillo


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Born and raised in the Bronx, NY I was brought up in a place filled with rich Hispanic roots and pride and the fact that I was Dominican, Mexican and Cuban myself only made my childhood more interesting. I was …


Amy Ramirez Rodriguez


I was born and bred in Washington Heights, a stone’s throw from the George Washington Bridge. My family migrated to NYC on Christmas Eve in 1965. Since then, my family has gone to great lengths to re-enforce the bonds between …

Ginette Claudette


For 21-year-old Ginette Claudette, relying on fond memories like singing with her older sister in the hospital before she passed away or performing at the Apollo Theater, fulfilling the dream of her father, who is also gone, help to keep …

Jose Vilson



The Afrolatin@ Project sits with Mr. Jose Vilson, a New York City Public School math teacher and education advocate of Dominican and Haitian heritage, to discuss his work and his thoughts on the scholar Arturo Schomburg (1874-1938). Shomburg’s collections make …

mama y yo

Mauricio Beltre


This is the story about my mother Mercedes A. Reyes. It is not a dramatic or sensational story, It is a simple account of who I believe is one of those heroes and heroines who go unrecognized in the world …

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Leslie Jimenez


I still remember the first time I rode the train. It was the 4, which is still not one of my favorites. I was new to the city, didn’t speak much English and wasn’t used to the awkwardness of the subway …

Elba Herrero


In 1978 I began my teaching career in New York City within a program known as “Studio in a School.” The purpose of the program is to bring professional artists into public schools, childcare centers, and community organizations to encourage …


Juddy Garcia Escolastico

My name is Juddy Garcia Escolastico. I’ve lived in New York for over thirty years. However, I clearly remember when I left a small town in the Dominican Republic called Tenares. My best memories as a child cling to the …


Yani Ferreira


Wow! Where do I begin? So I was lucky to join my parents when they immigrated to the United States, I was only 2 and half years old. Being the oldest has a lot to do with the person I …

Guillermo Linares


It was probably the most challenging time for me to transition from a farm to a city like New York. I felt out of place, I didn’t know the language. There were so many things discouraging me from moving forward. …