Aaron Trujillo


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Born and raised in the Bronx, NY I was brought up in a place filled with rich Hispanic roots and pride and the fact that I was Dominican, Mexican and Cuban myself only made my childhood more interesting. I was …


Rosario D'Rivera


Rosario D’Rivera…Cuban….born there, raised in the Bronx, moved to Jersey at 18…..asi que nadie me puede ‘hacer cuentos’…jajajaja….I love my heritage, I love being Cuban, but I can only stay in Miami for the very most, 2 weeks…and that’s on …

Pedrito Martínez


I grew up playing my main instrument, the Bata drum. I used to play a lot of religious ceremonies in Cuba that are still practiced in Cuba and here too (called “Santería” in Cuba and “Yoruba” in Africa). Here in …


Margarita Aguilar


My family came to the United States in 1962—all of us arrived at different points during that fateful year. My older brother and I, just two little kids, arrived in Miami by ourselves in January only to be sent to …


Fidel Garcia


I was born in New York of Cuban immigrants. My earliest memories are all Latino, from having a stay-at-home mom to living in the same apartment building as my grandparents and several other relatives. I only learned English upon admission …


Margarita Grasing


Came to the USA from Cuba in 1961, after the Bay of Pig, from Havana, Cuba. My first job was at The Bank of America on Broad Street, New York City. In 1967 I married Robert Grasing, had three children …


Arturo O'Farrill



It’s a cultural reality that I’m doing what my father (jazz composer Chico O’Farrill) did. Particularly in Latin America, sons are expected to do what their fathers do. Because of my background, people assume all I do is Latin jazz …