Joy Tirado



I am a NY rican with Taino heritage on my mother’s side. I have been operating a horse stable that is over 108 years old here in Queens, NY…last of its kind on private property. I mentor the community children in natural horsemanship as my grandmother mentored me and, provide a place for the senior citizens to feel useful again and offer our barn to the cancer patients after chemo treatments. I have been operating this horse stable/barn over 3 years and I do so out of pocket and with help from the community. As of March of this year I have been hard at work trying to save this oasis in a concrete jungle due to the landlord placing the property for sale without letting me know about it. Since March I have networked with the Knights of Columbus to have a fundraiser along with the Girl Scouts and the community to retain a lawyer and fight in court. So far we are making great strides. I have also collected over 1,000 signatures and letters from the community in support of my work here and the horses. I watched your show last night and was amazed…and enlightened to want to share my story as a Latina. Thank you—Joy and the horses

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