Lizette Romulus


Origin: ,

My parents, Leonel and Angelica, came here in the early to mid 1970’s from Guatemala and El Salvador. They each had a long and ardous journey to the US. Both of my parents came “por tierra”, by bus and by foot, risking their lives to get here. My parents later met here in Jamaica, Queens. At that time the main Latino groups were Puerto Rican and Dominican, but slowly and mostly due to political turmoil many Central Americans starting arriving in New York City.

My parents married in 1978 in Jamaica at the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church. I soon came in 1979, and later two more younger brothers. Growing up in Jamaica was rough, especially during the 1980’s with the crack/cocaine epidemic. My parents always worked hard and saved as much as they could. Eventually in 1992, my parents saved enough to buy a home on Long Island. They made it to the American dream!! We grew up in Uniondale, Long Island not too far from the origin of American Suburbia, Levittown. I am proud of my parents as much, perhaps, as they say they are proud of me. I was the first to graduate college and of my brothers.

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