Aaron Trujillo


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Born and raised in the Bronx, NY I was brought up in a place filled with rich Hispanic roots and pride and the fact that I was Dominican, Mexican and Cuban myself only made my childhood more interesting. I was …


Ministra Cleo


Betesda Centro De Curacion es una Nueva iglesia para todos Los vecinos en Brooklyn, NY. Todos bienvenidos a nuestros servicios en espanol – ingles Los Domingo’s de 4pm – 6pm. Esta es su oportunidad de conocer a Jesus Cristo como …

340 Shrewsbury avenue,red Bank, NJ

Father Rafael Melendez


INVITACION A LA COMUNIDAD LATINA DE NUEVA JERSEY Por la Gracia de Dios y con la Bendicion del Patriarcado Ortodoxo Griego de Constantinopla, la Capilla Catolica Ortodoxa de la Santa Madre de Dios, localizada en el 340 de Shrewsbury Avenue, …

Marshalla Ramos



I am the author of an Afro-Boricua children’s storybook: Isabella’s Hair and How She Learned to Love It. I wrote the story to contribute and pay a debt of gratitude to all children who have questioned or have been forced to …


Maria Pilar Bratko


I was born in Cali, Colombia, in 1965. We arrived in NYC in summer 1969. My mom left me with neighbors that winter because she needed to return to Cali to collect my two older sisters. I spent that Christmas …

diane fortuna



I wrote a book, They Were Legal: Balzac y Lopez, the History of an Hispanic Family, New York 1901-1960, in honor of my Puerto Rican grandfather, who came to New York at the age of 19 with $30 in his …

Joy Tirado


I am a NY rican with Taino heritage on my mother’s side. I have been operating a horse stable that is over 108 years old here in Queens, NY…last of its kind on private property. I mentor the community children …

Yobanka Nunez


I remember my childhood vividly while living in Guayaqui, Ecuador. I remember the singing of the crickets at night, the smell of yerba Buena and the Boleros in the background. I was maybe five at the time and also remember …

Ernesto Camacho


Josephina left Vega Baja and landed en Nueva York when she was only 14 years of age. Those of us who know her best can only imagine how she must have adorned her new surroundings like a Flamboyant that was …

best man

Eric Cortes


I was born and raised by Colombian parents in Plainfield, NJ, not really understanding what it meant to be a Latino. I moved to Philadelphia, PA, to attend Temple University where I was exposed to Latino culture, made my first …


Amy Ramirez Rodriguez


I was born and bred in Washington Heights, a stone’s throw from the George Washington Bridge. My family migrated to NYC on Christmas Eve in 1965. Since then, my family has gone to great lengths to re-enforce the bonds between …


Ermelinda Rivera


I was born in NYC in 1963. My parents had both, separately, moved from Puerto Rico to NY in search of employment and a better life in these Estados Unidos. They fell in love and were married in Brooklyn the …

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