The Greatest American Fourth of July
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What do submariners eat?

Submariners eat everyday foods that you would find at almost any table in an American home. They have ongoing contests to determine which ship cooks the best meals. Imagine shopping for 120 men for six months and planning out every meal! The fresh fruit, vegetables, and milk usually don't last if the submarine is away from port for more than several weeks, but the creative cooks on submarines work wonders with canned foods to supplement the meals they create. Typical meals include pasta, steak, chicken, and pork dishes for dinner; deli sandwiches, hamburgers, and pizza for lunch; and eggs, hotcakes, and cereal for breakfast. Being a cook on a submarine is a very important job.

Did You Know...?

Nuclear-powered submarines are designed to stay underwater for months at a time. Because submarines have equipment to make oxygen, obtaining food for the crew is the only factor that limits submergence time for a submarine during peacetime. Normally, submarines carry a 90-day supply of food. Another limitation could be the need for spare parts or, in times of conflict, weapons.

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