The Greatest American Fourth of July
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What weapons are on a submarine?

Submarines can carry torpedoes, cruise missiles, and mines for use in time of conflict. Torpedoes can be used against an enemy ship or submarine. Ballistic missile submarines carry long range ballistic missiles; these missiles can be used against land targets thousands of miles away from the ocean. Cruise missiles are capable of precision strikes and can be used against land or ship targets several hundred miles from the submarine. Mines can be laid without the submarine being seen; these mines remain hidden in the water of an enemy harbor or shipping channel and can sink an enemy ship.

What is a fast attack submarine?

Fast attack submarines are designed to pursue and attack enemy submarines and surface ships using torpedoes. They also carry cruise missiles with conventional high-explosive warheads to attack enemy shore facilities. Fast attack submarines launched cruise missiles against targets in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm and targets in Serbia during the conflict in Kosovo. They also conduct intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions, lay mines, and support special operations, among other types of classified operations.

Did You Know...?

Submarines use specialized radios and antennae that can communicate with shore bases and other ships, either directly or through a satellite. Submariners can use their specialized radios either to talk or send written messages.

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