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Hop on board the newly recreated Amistad. Take a virtual tour inside the submarine USS Philadelphia. These 360° photographs will allow you to take a private tour of two magnificent vessels. Click on highlighted objects on the deck of the Amistad to find out more about the origin and purpose of the ship's equipment. Find out what the crew on board a submarine has to say about life under water. Click on the photos or links below to enter into the Amistad or the SubmarineUSS Philadelphia.

Ride Aboard The Amistad Completed just this past year after two years of construction, the recreation of this famous vessel is a tribute to the struggle for freedom, for the ship's original captives, and for humankind everywhere.

Photo: The Amistad, at Mystic Seaport
See Inside a Submarine Climb inside for a tour of this L.A.-class attack submarine, designed to seek and destroy enemy submarines and surface ships. Its crew is prepared to launch missiles, mines, and torpedoes at a moment's notice. Have a look around and hear firsthand accounts from crew members on what life is like under the watery depths.

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