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June 18 guests: Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, Mayor Bloomberg

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009
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This week Andrew Sorkin speaks with former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer about issues surrounding the current financial crisis, and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who addresses the city’s budget, education system and the MTA.. This is Eliot Spitzer’s first interview on public television since his highly-publicized resignation.

  • Martha

    I would love if you questioned the Mayor & NYC Council with these VIP questions:

    Mayor – He has a very convincing way of focusing the average persons attention to the things that make him look good (especially with his brain washing commercials) & totally avoids/ignores extremely important issues the media seems to never brings up, ie:

    1- Why is he so determine to & invest so much money in becoming Mayor?

    2- Since he took office, no doubt he made NYC money, but at the tax payers expense! Anyone can raise revenue by taxing & raising every imaginable violation, he claims to be so successful… a successful Mayor should be able to raise the city money by NOT HURTING the NYC people! in 2008 he boasted about the 4.4 billion dollar surplus (which came by hurting us), I’d like to know where all this money went… I’ll tell u where, it was WASTED, but someone needs to question him!

    3- Since he took office, property taxes have increased at a rate far greater than our income, THE EXCUSE was, vaules went up, yet no ones income went up at the same rate! This tax has to be passed on to the millions of renters whose income has increased even less, how in the world is this healthy!

    4- Many landlords with mixed use properties are taxed an an unfair rate & when they lose a major tenant, the property that is supposed to generate income, is costing them… this is very disturbing… the city tells you to protest and when you do they give no reduction & then if u question them, they tell you too bad sell your investment, why, because the Mayor & Council decides that it’s too bad, how is this good for the NYC people who work so hard… it’s NOT!

    5- The Mayor & Council do nothing about MILLIONS of dollars being wasted by agencies like DOT, who for too many years have been ripping up perfectly good streets & leaving destroyed ones to decompose even further? (I have documented proof, video, pics & letters from Council members and DOT defending this waste)… I know several DOT workers who tell me this has been going on forever and it continues to this very day!

    The media never brings up extremely important issues like this, they need to surface them, we are talking about MILLIONS of dollars that come from hurting NYC people, it needs to end!

  • Vincent Amato

    It’s hard to watch the former governor when it is so clear that he had so much he could have contributed. I don’t think it would be indulging idle curiosity to have him–in some forum–reflect aloud on what happened to his career. Among the many crises this country faces is the decline in the caliber of men and women entering public life. Eliot Spitzer’s saga is a tragic one. We still need to know more about what brought about his downfall.

  • Lawrence S. White

    Mr. Sorkin misspoke when he said that there were only 2 candidates for Mayor of New York City. The Green Party candidate is Rev. Billy Talen, and he advocates a strengthening of local, sustainable neighborhood economies, an end to large scale developments that favor wealthy investors and real estate, and an end to the assault of average New Yorkers by taxes, nuisance laws, and stop and frisk policies. Find out more about the rise of the 500 fabulous neighborhoods, go to: voterevbilly.org

  • david cohen

    Martha; Wow!
    Pithy, succinct, and right on the money. NY urgently needs people like you at the forefront, articulating the concerns of real people, versus those of a man who sleeps at night with hundreds of millions of steaks in his freezer as 24,000 children per day around the world excrete themselves to death from starvation…. yet Mr. Bloomburg sees fit to spend 128,000,000 to convince people to quit smoking. Speak up again, Martha, speak up again and as often as you can. Your voice alone has sparked half a dozen of us thanks to your fine and appropriate comments. There is chatter, and then there is action. The latter comes from winners. Thank you, kindly.

  • Kathleen

    I was really encouraged by Eliot Spitzer’s understanding of the issue of Student Loans and the balanced fair policy he advocates for future generations to get an education and pay for it fairly. What has to be addressed are the loans that have destroyed people’s lives by the enormous compounded interest that ensures they can never climb out of the hole. When a small $7,000 loan that did not lead to a degree because of family health issues or some other problem ends up being $50,000 something is horribly wrong. The fact that you sign a loan with one company and then that loan is sold over and over again and you have no idea who you owe money to and get no payment book to ensure what you send in is being accounted for should be illegal. Eliot Spitzer has it right just be able to pay a percentage of what you make. But help the people who have to pay back 10x what they borrowed and no end in sight. I hope he gets into a position where he can use his brilliant ideas to help this country and solve problems. Thank you Mr. Spitzer.

  • Denise Kelly

    Mayor Bloomberg does some wonderful things for NYC I am sure. But he does not understand his responbility for public space. That is not an issue on his radar. There are continuous articles in the NY papers practically everyday about the out of control irresponsible bicyclers and I can add rollerbladers, skateboarders who make it so dangerous to just go out your door. Under Mayor Bloomberg NY became a walker’s nightmare. My 80 year old Mom crossing the street with the light and a young guy sped up to horrific speeds to cut her off forcing her backwards slamming straight down on the sidewalk. He just kept peddaling away. None of the people there chased him down they just said “hey” and picker her up and walked away. She had a head injury and back injury ending up in the hospital later. It was such a horrific fall she called a morgue to make arrangements because she thought she was going to die. The worst is everyday when we walk in Manhattan we have near hits by bikes, rollerbladers, cars. It is chaos on the streets and Mayor Bloombery ignores it. He is responsible for a safe public space. And to add to that people are falling down all over the place because the sidewalks and streets are no longer properly maintained and when they do fix them they are not leveled as in the past. They just pour stuff that causes even worse conditions since it isn’t levelled. It is a mess. And lastly the out of town buses take up the bus stops and the disabled and elderly who can barely walk have to enter and exit in lane two instead of the MTA buses pulling up to the curb.

  • Dave

    I thought Elliot Spitzer was well informed on the issues raised, and I also feel he should try to serve somehow – indirectly would be best since it’s his idea not his personal weakness (lonliness, lust, ego) that have caused his fall from grace. His idea on how to correct the market’s failures are great and they should be promulgated somehow.

  • Henry Wong

    The downfall of Spitzer is not his philandering but in being publicly exposed. The fact that the X-rated industry is one of US most robust shows the country is far from being adversed to lust, just hypocritical about it.

  • micheal

    My Union gave me a Bloomberg t-shirt. I wash my car with it. He hasn’t delivered thing one he promised us, and for him to peddle this ‘sub-prime mortgage crisis to blame’ pap when his machines sit on every brokers desk makes him a fraud if not even more culpable. What did he know and when? Is anyone asking? Is he a counterparty too? Jail Joe Cassano!