Plan B: After a layoff, what’s next?

February 5th, 2009

Were you or someone you know recently laid off? If so, we want to hear your stories. What happened, how are you coping, and have you come up with a Plan B?

New York state’s unemployment rate — now at seven percent — is the highest in 15 years, according to the state’s labor department. Officials also predict the loss of 225,000 jobs over the next two years. But despite stark numbers, there may be glimmers of hope in unlikely places.

Were you recently let go? After the initial shock of losing your job wore off, what action did you take to stay afloat? Have you reassessed your skills, deferred existing student loans, taken on part-time work, used library resources, contacted your alma mater’s alumni association, visited job banks? But most importantly, have you been able to stay upbeat during the economic downturn, and if so, how?

We’d love to hear your stories. Share them in the comments section below including your industry or lessons you’ve learned or advice you’ve doled out as many others, like you, devise their own Plan Bs.