Jan. 29 guests: Governor Jon Corzine, Michael Wolff, Danielle Babb

January 29th, 2009

Andrew Ross Sorkin talks with New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine on the Garden State and ways to fix the economy, journalist and author Michael Wolff about the media, and financial expert Danielle Babb on why she feels now is a good time to start a new business.

Featured interviews on January 29th program:

Jon Corzine
Jon Corzine, New Jersey’s governor, former senator and prior to that co-chairman of Goldman Sachs, will discuss the economic crisis and its effect on the Garden State.

Michael Wolff
Michael Wolff, journalist and author whose latest book about media mogul Rupert Murdoch titled, The Man Who Owns the News, will lend insight into the media industry.

Danielle Babb
Danielle Babb, author, professor, and economics, technology and business/management expert who appears on Fox Business Network offering financial advice, will discuss new businesses.

New York Times business columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin hosts this seven-part television series featuring interviews that address the evolving economic crisis affecting New Yorkers. The show focuses on issues such as the city’s infrastructure and the effect the crisis is having on cultural programs.

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