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Andrew Ross Sorkin on Charlie Rose

Monday, January 5th, 2009
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On Thursday (8 p.m.), catch the premiere of It’s the Economy, NY — What’s Happening and What it Means to You, a new seven-part series hosted by New York Times business columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin.

Guests in the premiere episode: Steve Forbes, chairman and CEO of Forbes, and editor-in-chief of Forbes magazine and former Time Warner Chairman Richard Parsons.

If you recall seeing Mr. Sorkin before, it may be because he’s made many appearances on Charlie Rose. Here are a few of the more recent interviews:

Sorkin on the future of the “Big Three” automakers

A discussion about the crisis on Wall Street (9/15/08):

A discussion about Yahoo and Microsoft (5/5/08):

See all interviews with Sorkin on the Charlie Rose site.

  • Leonard Levine

    I’ve tried to E-mail Chasrlie Rose, but can’t get an E-mail address from his web site. Help!

  • Cary McDonald
  • Cary McDonald

    RE: Yale Pres. Richard Levin/ Charlie Rose Interview.
    Professor Levin seems to working in a vacuum. He said they have a goal to increase foreign student attendance from China and India. He seem ignorant that the UC (California) System has their Engineering Colleges (all top campuses) FLOODED with lower and Grad students from these countries. They are subsidized by CA, as GreenCard holders are treated as residents after 1 year. ALL grad students in engineering at SanJose State are foreign born! Hello! There is an Engineering shortage here in the US, and instead we are the instructors for India and China.