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My mother and her siblings Charlie, Joe and Sara - the night after their father died
(2nd from the left) My mother’s grandfather Morreale - Pelligrino's Father
My mother’s grandparents - Josephine and Charles Mangaracina.
My Grandparents Rosalia Maria Morreale and Pellegrino with my Aunt Sara as a Child

Maria Bartiromo

New York City, New York

I attribute any success in business I've had to the wonderful Italian-American upbringing I have had and a very strong work ethic. My father's father, Carmine Bartiromo, came to America first in 1919 from Salerno. He was only a teenager. He then went back to Italy to get his family and came back and forth a few more times until his final voyage to the USA from Salerno on a boat called the Rex in 1934. This ship made several trips back and forth. In Italy, Carmine was a brick layer. So he came here in 1934 on the Rex ship ...


My mother and her siblings Charlie, Joe and Sara - the night after their father died


(2nd from the left) My mother’s grandfather Morreale - Pelligrino's Father


My mother’s grandparents - Josephine and Charles Mangaracina.


My Grandparents Rosalia Maria Morreale and Pellegrino with my Aunt Sara as a Child

Paul Soltero

Verona, NJ, United States

This is a photo of my grandparents visiting the family in the early to mid-1950s in Cardano al Campo, located in the province of Varese, in the region of Lombardia. ...

Feature Videos: Hear Their Stories - Clips from Five of our Interviews

Pascal J. de Caprariis MD, FAAFP and Angela de Caprariis-Salerno, M.S. (Brother and Sister) Brooklyn-born. Both followed the professional medical path of their grandfather, Pasquale, who came to America in 1899. ...

Frank Foto

My parents came from Sicily in the 1950's with my older sister. My father had a 1st Grade education, and my mother a 2nd Grade education. Within one ...

Doreen Redlich

As a young girl I loved spending weekends with my grandparents. Louise and Nick Francavilla owned a grocery store in Brooklyn on Nassau Ave and they lived around ...

Antonia Iandimarino

My father came to the United States in 1919. He was 16 years old, my mother's parents came earlier and my mother was born here ...

Rosemary DiBattista

One of the comforts of growing up Italian is living near family. When my mother was a child, she lived across town from her maternal grandmother. When she married at ...

Rosanne DeNiscia

My father's parents, Rosina and Angelo DeNiscia emigrated to NY from the Naples area in the late 1880's, eventually settling in Orange, NJ. My grandfather graduated from the University ...

Neil DellaMonica

Growing up in the Italian section of Williamsburg Brooklyn was an experience like no other. You truly understood the meaning of family and neighborhood. Nothing displays that better ...

john anthony giordano

first i would like to say how much i enjoyed PBS is presentation of italian american history. my storie begins in newark NJ . my family lived in a ...

Josie Maniscalco

Nonna Maria Giuseppina Buonfino DeCriscio as well as my Nonno Giuseppe DeCriscio were born in Pozzuoli, Naples, Italy. They had 4 children, the oldest Maria DeCriscio Bonanno, Adriano Carlo ...

Eric Ferrara

Thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of my Italian-American ancestors, I have been fortunate enough to become a professional author, researcher and educator, currently working on a new book ...

Marco Botarelli

My father Angelo Botarelli arrived in Brooklyn 1953 on the Andrea Dora, he was born in Viterbo Italy provence of Lazio. After WW2 my father migrated to Switzerland to work, ...

Lenny Rizzo

All 4 of my grandparents came from the same town in Sicily called Castellamare del Gulfo. My fathers parents went back and forth between the US and Sicily from the ...

Phylis Rossi

My Grandmother, we called her, "Nanny" had 17 grandchildren and ALL of us could easily recall at least five of our own separate individual "Nanny" moments. One of my many ...