joyce deCordova

AUNT MIMI AND THANKSGIVING In the early 1900′s my family emigrated from Sicily. There were my grandparents and five children, one of them being Aunt Mimi who all came to New York and lived in a brownstone in East Harlem. …

Joseph Teja

While in their mid 20’s, in search of financial opportunity, my Grandfather Federico (Fred) D’Arcangelo and his brother Giovanni (John) traveled from Italy to South America. In 1917, they turned their sights north to the United States, where they settled, …

Joann West

My cousin Theresa Maggio and I collaborated on a family genealogy project and produced several videos that incorporated old family photos, documents and movies. Theresa has visited our grandparents’ home village of Santa Margarita Belice in Sicily for first hand …

Giuseppina Cipolletti & Giuseppe Sabatino

Maria Sabatino

The Cipolletti-Sabatino family When my grandfather Giuseppe Rosario Sabatino came to America in 1911 from Locati, Sicily, he lived with his sister Carmela in East New York, Brooklyn. One day as he was coming home from work, he saw Giuseppina …


June Dragonette Sustick

My parents, Catherine Colucio and John Dragonette were married in January of 1950. They grew up in Brooklyn between 19th and 20th Avenue, one on 50th Street and the other on 53rd Street. Their grandparents were born in Italy, both …

The Blessed Table

Arlene LaRocca Maresca


Whenever I think of my childhood, the main memory centers around our family table in my Grandparents’ basement in Brooklyn, NY. My Grandparents, Salvatore and Anna Foti, (seated at the head of the table) were my first example of what …


Danielle Scaparro


This photo is my parents wedding with my father’s parents and brother. My Italian American ancestors come from Manhattan and Astoria NY. I’m the child who really got hooked into my family tree and after getting into it, my childhood …

Mary & Ralph Montagna - Version 2

Rose Montagna Sabatino


My father, Raffaele Montagna, came to America in 1907 from the small town of Lucera in the Puglia region and settled in Brooklyn, New York. Despite being a member of the working class, Raffaele’s mother, Francesca Morelli, instilled in her …


caliano camille


Since October is Italian Heritage Month…I wanted to pay tribute to my great- grandmother, Angelina Gioloffo (mamangela). Who lived in a shack in Kingsland, New Jersey (they called it Wap Hill). She was a mid-wife. She had no electricity. She …


Charlene Foncellino


A summer morning in Hopatcong, NJ, circa 1969. My little brother Joey, my best friend Margret, and I couldn’t wait to get the day started outside, playing in “the woods”, searching for blackberries, running barefoot through the sprinklers, or take …

218043_102452823photot paul vincent

Vincent Romeo


My Grandmother, Concetta Maria Pagliarulo, came to NYC after both her parents were killed in the Mt Vesuvius eruption of 1904. She came to live on the Lower East Side, with her sister and her brother. When her brother was …


Peter Francis Battaglia


I was born to parents whose parents all came to NYC from Italy during the years 1898 to 1920. My maternal grandparents , Maria Adelina Melito, was born in Castelbaronia, Avellino in 1900..and Innocenzo Scaramuzzi, 1890, born in Grassano, Matera, …